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Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of my zine! It was definitely a great learning experience seeing how paper can really affect the mood of the entire zine. Having only 8 pages to work with, which is essentially 3 spreads, I had to make every element of my design work.

Of course, there is still a lot I can work on, mainly the exploration of my idea and concepts as I felt I did not step out of my design comfort zone during this assignment.

Looking back, I could have pushed the concept of using buildings as a representation of worship or prayer for a religion, similar to how I used the pearl bank apartments as joss sticks.

The aesthetics of my zine could be more cohesive as my last spread could have included an illustration, similar to the rest of the spreads. The choice of font could be more neutral as my classmates commented that the typeface used is representative for chinese calligraphy, creating confusion for the spreads on Hindu and muslim culture.

Thank you Mimi once again for your patience and guidance through my foundation year! I will definitely apply these skills and knowledge learnt to improve my future projects.

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