What is art?


Art is a representation and encapsulation of human emotions, sentiments, ideas, view points, and paradigms – it can be more than one of those at once, and comes in various forms. It makes the viewer think, empathize, sympathize, or throw the viewer out of their comfort zone. It can be a visual representation of our world as we see it, but it is often not a completely pure view, and frequently out of this world.


Pearl Bank Apartments | 珍珠银公寓酒店

Pearl Bank Apartments

Pearl Bank Apartments was built back in 1976, and was one of the first all-housing projects that the Housing and Development Board built from its Sale of Sites program. An iconic, thirty-eight story monolith that towers above its empty surroundings, it was a beacon of development and progress when it was first built. Now, it has struggled to keep up, with two attempted sales of the site garnering no interest. Its surroundings now being redeveloped, Pearl Bank Apartment stands as a reminder of Singapore’s past, which the country has slowly started to build over.

珍珠银公寓建早在1976年,并且是该屋发展局从销售站点方案建立了第一个全住宅项目之一。一个标志性的, 38层的巨石耸立高于空的环境,是发展和进步的灯塔初建时。现在,它一直在努力跟上,与网站赢得毫无兴趣两名试图销售。它的周围,现在正在重建,珍珠银公寓矗立,提醒新加坡的过去,该国已经慢慢开始建立了。

Project Hyperessay II – The Viewer

Building up on my initial concept of using data and links, I feel that the viewer would play a key element in the project – they will be contributing to the project itself by handing certain Facebook data that is already public (friends, connections, checked in) in order to build up a rough relationship map of ADM.

I believe that the relationship of ADM students and professors beyond simply being under the same institution would be an interesting aspect to explore – how many students and professors are actually connected to each other? Are there more common interests besides subject-specific areas? How many people have gone to the same place?

To do this, the viewer must also become an active participant in the project. The network map depends on data given by interested parties – the viewer must be willing to share something for the work to grow.

Given that we’ve only worked with static, defined data, I’ve been pondering as to how the project would be materialized – hopefully something like this website built with Gephi, but with the links being made on-the-fly based on common factors from the data the participants give.


Screenshot of a site built with Gephi to visualize social connections

Overall, the project depends entirely upon the participation of viewers in order to build a cohesive map – they play a key element in the building up of the work, in as much as they are viewers of the work. This makes the work a collaborative effort in a way, taking shape depending on participation and input.

Project Hyperessay I: What links us together?

The internet is a wonderfully large, strange, shared space for all of us. Each one of us maintains an online presence in some form – whether it be through social media, forums, media sharing, or online portfolio sites, we all have at least some sort of virtual footprint. Most people give a ton of their data away online, willingly – posting when they leave their homes (not safe), where they go on vacation, what they eat, their opinions on certain events, etc. While for the most part, these are individual experiences and postings, the online platform gives us the opportunity to connect these individuals together.

As previously explored in our past lesson, data visualization gives us an opportunity to explore connections, and create meaning out of it – or use it to create something else entirely. I turn to Lev Manovich’s outlook on the use of data visualization:

If Romantic artists thought of certain phenomena and effects as
un-represantable, as something which goes beyond the limits of human senses
and reason, data visualization artists aim at precisely the opposite: to map such
phenomena into a representation whose scale is comparable to the scales of
human perception and cognition.

-Lev Manovich

Data visualization gives us the opportunity to encompass the vast amount of connections and commonalities we share into something tangible and readable. I feel that it would be a great way to feature something more than what most data visualization tools do, which usually highlight friend connections and common school institutions.


Data visualization of my social network, generated by TouchGraph


Friend connections generated by FriendWheel

With all the data we make available, I feel that it is possible to collate them together visually and hold a discussion on how we are linked together, individually. Perhaps somehow linking to Instagram, and showing who in your networks post under certain hashtags, or a geo-map showing where you and your friends have been, linking the pictures together over a map. We could also collate Facebook posts based on content (quite ambitious, perhaps) and connect friends based on the type of content they post.


Mapstagram, which tracks new posts tagged in limited cities across the US

Whilst the data to be visualized is subject to our interest, I feel that data visualization is a great point for us to consider, as it explores the intertwining of our lives while at the same time emphasizing the isolatory and individualistic nature of social media (since they are all “me-centric” rather than “we-centric”.)

“If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide”

“Once the government can demand of a publisher the names of the purchasers of his publications, the free press as we know it disappears. Then the spectre of a government agent will look over the shoulder of everyone who reads. The purchase of a book or pamphlet today may result in a subpoena tomorrow. Fear of criticism goes with every person into the bookstall. The subtle, imponderable pressures of the orthodox lay hold. Some will fear to read what is unpopular, what the powers-that-be dislike. When the light of publicity may reach any student, any teacher, inquiry will be discouraged. The books and pamphlets that are critical of the administration, that preach an unpopular policy in domestic or foreign affairs, that are in disrepute in the orthodox school of thought will be suspect and subject to investigation. The press and its readers will pay a heavy price in harassment. But that will be minor in comparison with the menace of the shadow which government will cast over literature that does not follow the dominant party line. If the lady from Toledo can be required to disclose what she read yesterday and what she will read tomorrow, fear will take the place of freedom in the libraries, book stores, and homes of the land. Through the harassment of hearings, investigations, reports, and subpoenas government will hold a club over speech and over the press.”

-William O. Douglas [United States v Rumley, 345 U.S. 41 (1953)]

There are events for each generation their time. For the “Great Generation” in the 1900s, it was World War II. For the “Generation X”, it was the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. For my generation, it is most likely to be 9/11 – the day the world changed. Hasan Elahi, an Indian-born American multimedia artist, explores the consequences of the paranoia following 9/11 – when the American government began its worldwide surveillance to counter “terrorist threats.”After being held back by the FBI and being questioned on his activities, Hasan sets out to document everything he does and uploads them online for everyone to see on his website.

His website, Tracking Transcience, showcases nearly every detail of his life – where he has been, what he has spent money on, what he has eaten, and what he has cooked. He created this website in 2006 – right around the silent start of the social media craze. In a way,  much of the info on his site is similar to posts on social media. However, his site lacks one thing that social media adds – context. Without the context of why he is in x, why he had y, and why he was flying to z, Hasan has managed to reduce his full existence to nothing more than data for us to peep at.

By being completely open to being peeped, yet at the same time removing key context, I feel that Hasan has managed to emulate Lady Godiva in a sense – he is baring himself nude, but without any context, he is not inviting us to peep at him – not like social media, wherein you see a picture of a taco with the story that it “… is the best taco in Singapore, omg so shiok u all must try!” in contrast to a post on Hasan’s site which would only show the taco, and a timestamp.


I feel that Hasan manages to critique not only the powers-that-be that consistently monitor everything in the name of safety, but the modern culture of sharing everything we have online. He uses himself as an example of how much data one can upload, and how much others can see into your own life, yet at the same time, he uses this to mask himself, by reducing his day-to-day as raw data without any meaning, he manages to keep a part of himself hidden.

Looking at Hasan’s work, and all his data online, we have to wonder – do we share too much online? Does it matter at this point, with Edward Snowden’s revelations on the NSA’s spying program? Should you take charge of the info that will be online anyway, or should you fight for your own sense of privacy? These are questions that I feel are growing ever more relevant in this age. How far away are we from Big Brother? Does he already exist? Or have we created Big Brother ourselves – by our posting and sharing? Either way – the Thoughtpolice will always know (or think they know, at least.)

ḑ̼͓̱̻̜͔̩̥̯͖͎̫̹͔̫̗̠͗̉͐̄͒̎͌̓͒ͧͫ͐ͫ́͢ͅן̓́̓͌̋ͩͫ̄̓ͨ̑̉̔̈͋̀ͧ͋͏̹͚̥͎̤̞̰̪̰̺͈̼̙͎̯̳̖̕͟ǝ̧͓̼͉̪̳̖̘̺̯̥̥̌̓̓ͩ̓̉ͨ͌ͤ̓͝͞ɥ̸̫̲͖̫ͭ̊̇ͤͦͨ͆͋ͭ̋̚͡ ̛̰͔̥̖̤͕̼̮̞͉̯̪͉̹̫̲͍̾̎͒̌̆ͤ́p͊͂́̄̅ͨ҉̤̘̜͎̱͎̯̻̤̦̙͎̫͓͔̫́ͅu̡ͯ̐̅͋̏̄̔̆̐͋̾ͭ͂ͮ̓̃̈́͏̥̖̳̰̖̳͖̞̘͔ǝ̶̶̡̥̝̹͍̥̟̗̤͔̣̗̙͉̮̱̹̌͒̿̏ͦ̍̏͆͆̏͟s̡̼̯̭̥͇͙̳̙͇̫͖̬ͤ́̂̀ͩ̈̀̏ͨ̔̎͠ ̵̸̘͍̳͍̝͔͔͕̞̹̤̬̰͂̈͊ͭ̚̕͡ǝ̡͑̃ͯ͌ͪ̋͛̑͝҉̧̼͇̘͉̫̰͚̯̱͖̤̭͎s̵̡͚̼͙̱̙͛̎͗̃ͦ̏̀̒̑͗ͭ͒̅̍͌̍̂͜ɐ͂́̒̑̋̋҉̤͇͇̹̗̦̟̘́͢ǝ̡̧̝̜̬̩͎̫͆̌̉ͩ̈̔͒ͧ͐ͦ͐͑͆̅͊ן̷̡̦͎͉͙̤̱̱̭̫̳̥̝̜͖͎̺̮͍͑͑ͧ̾͋̓̓ͤ̀͒̌ͧ͛ͣ̃̓͆͡͡d̶̝̼̙̘̖ͨ͊ͤ͐͡ ̴̴̲̱̞͇̿ͣͪ͋̿̇̃̈͗̌̋̀̆͋ͬ͝͞ʎ̴̵̸̬͈͕̹̫͐͗͂ͥ̽̌̓ͣ̂̈́̒ͧͣͥ̀̍͐̀͟ɐ̙̝̹̻ͦ͗͒̅ͮ͂͑ͤͦͥ͋̔̊͘͟ʍ̵̸̛̳̝͚̟͍̪̥̿̓̈ͦ͑ͧ̇͗̐̾̇́͟ɐ̢͉̪̖̦̲͔̭͚̙̝̬̼̻̟͇͇͓̗̹ͯͯ̉͗ͣͨͨ̋̀͋̆͑͒͑ͣͬ͋̏͘͢ ̵̢͚̞͕̩͈̮̗̻͎̮̯̟̼̗̰̻̘̤̏̊̽͂̊̑̏́͂ͦ̏ͫͯ̿ͦ̕͢ʞ̶̨̭̩̱̣̃̐̊ͯ̑̿̉͗ͥͧ̀́̕o̴̶͇̰̠̣͉̱̯̓͂̈́͒̌̍͂o̺͓͍̯̭̥̹̬̙ͣͭ̾̈ͭ̓ͭ̊́̚͠͠ͅͅן̨̤͓̭̩͎̞̖͖̀̉̒ͭ͌ͦ̄ͬ̆̉ ͎̣̻͈̱̳͚͉̫̭̼̣͉̮̼̞̄̀̂̊ͤͮ̆͒ͤ̈ͥ͌̊ͩͯ͂̒͛͊͘͜͟ʇ̡̺̤̟̯͍̤̦̥̱͕͍̣͍̬̅ͭ̓̅ͭ́̓̍̃ͬ̅ͩͯͧ̔̀̕͢ͅṵ̖̖͇̻̮̟̩̺̈́͊͊͆͗̐̋̀ͧ̈̉ͪ̅͒̈́̐́ͤ͑̕͢ɐ̬̦̭͔̻̣̦͖͙̬̾̓͑̽͗ͤ͂̀͆̂ͩ͌̾͌ͩ͊́̚͢͡ͅɔ̷̟͙̥̮̻̩̟͇͋ͬͧͣ̓ͫ͗͟ ̙̦̖̬̮͙̙̩̳̅̀̒̐̄̒̊̍̏̔́͠ı̶̨̛̳̭̮̲̹̞̯̤̥̪͕ͪ̌̂̓̄͒̃ͦ̉̆ͥ͋̾ͩ͆͋͐̕͟

ظ̧̯̜̣̱͓̳͉̰̻̖̆ͪ̉͑̓͛̐̍̄͒͋̋̀̚͞ɐ̴̷̛̊ͨ̒́̿ͭ͆̆̐̋̆̋ͥ̐̓ͤͨ̇̕͏̲̞͓̻̜̲̜̻̦̘͕̻̝ظ̵͙̬̘̼͎̱̩̳̪͔̟̽̊̓̌ͨ̍́ͯ̓̏̊ͥ̚͘͢͜͜ͅb̮̤͓̦͖̳̫̰͇͈̳̻͔͇͍̱̗͑ͤ̓ͨͣ͆̀͝ظ̢̛̟̭̝̰̞̣̻̤̩̳͇͖̙͇̱͐̓ͩͨ̂ͪ͋͗ͨ̋̆͢ͅظ̷̶̜͎̖͓̺̖̹͑̅̽̀ͬ̿̉͆ͩ́͘͞x̧̛̭̝̤̻͉̳̬͓̠̘̟̥̬̽̓͂ͭ͌̕ظ̡̥̱͕͙̜͓̰̫̘̻ͬͮ͛͊ͪ͐̂͌̿̏̓̎̽̐ͭͥ̽̓͗͝b͚̳̩̪͉͕ͦ̾̓ͩ̍͗̆̑ͣ̂̚͞p̶͖͍̱̦͔̦̥̹̥̙͚̹͎͖̪ͧ͂̄ͨ̐ͦ͐ͧ̃̿ͨͤ͗͋͞s̴͊̀ͥ̈́̋͒̾͛ͣͬ̑̏͗̑͂ͣ͛̆͝͏̗͇͖̦̪̦̞̮̺͟ɐ̆͒̋ͨͩ́ͬ͌̐̈́̍̈͂̋ͫͭ͝͡͞҉̫̠̣̭̬̺̠̬̲̖̟̫̗o̺̱͇̹̱̳̬̻̤͚̮̿̌ͪ̓ͬ̈ͤ͊ͥͦ͂͛̉̅͒̔͛͑̒̕̕ͅɥ̴̡̺̺̠̩͖͕͕̥̖̙̹͖͕̊̊̽̀͊ͤͤ̀ͨͭͮ̂͒̈̄̂͜͢͠ͅǫ̧̭̯̯̪͇̗̬͔ͭ̋͑̎͗ò̧͙͙̫̻̻̲̫̖̝̙̝͇͉̠͙̞̳̻͉͐͋͊͂͑ͧ̍̚͟͞ɥ̴̢̨̙̲͚̳͍̭͔̝͔͔̗͍̠̰̍̋̽ͦ͐ͤ́͒͊̃̏ͫ̈ͧ͠o̢̢̐̉̇ͫ̍̾́҉͈̼̫̝̲͕͙͍̘̤̖̫̖̲̩̬̞͍ͅɥ̨̨̢͙̙̼̰̼̪͙̤̤͎͓͉ͩͯͦͭͧͦ͐̐͆̾͒̎ͤ͊̅̀͜͡o̶̞̰̟͙̖̣̣̰̓̓ͮ̓̓̀͂̕͡ͅɥ̷̸̭̲͎̠̙͇͗̑͂̈̽̀ͥ͗̈ͨ̄ͮ̈́ͨ̆̀̚̚̚͞͞ɐ̶̸̧̮͚͉̝͙̫̥̓̾ͨͫͫͪͦͭ̐ͦ͑͗͐̚ɥ̛̰̜̟̲̜̺̱͍̩̝̠ͣ͐͋̉̍ͯͦ̏̆̊ͦ̄ͨ̚͡ǫ̸̛̠̠̗̪̤̱̞̲̣̱̞͓͚̆̓ͥ́̌ɐ̨̔̉̒̏̓ͪ͒͐ͪͫ̓̏́͏̣̤͕̝̭̭̹̯̖ɥ̵̝̱̭̤̬̫̳̹̼͖̙ͦ̌ͨ̆̿̂͌ͧ̿̓̽͟͜͡-̢̞̳͙̻̹̞̞͎͍̖̣͎̫̥̻̜̣͇͔̌̏ͬ̓ͫ̇̾́ɐ̧̛̱̫̭̻̜͕͈͇̩͉̟̣͉̳̠̞̿̐̋̌́͌ͪ̊͛̑̆ͦ͑́̉ͪ͊́͞ɥ̴̡̪͔̘̤͎̭͚̬̟̱̟̬͓̪͒̂̈́̑̇ͬ͗͛͑̽̍͂̊̌ͅɐ̈̽͛͆̑ͨ͏҉̵̝͓̘͎͈̣̻̼͞ͅɥ̢̼̼̹̘̦͍̼̬͇̳̱̗̜ͤͫ̄̃͌ͨ̀͜͠d̷̡͉̳̳̹̼̺̺ͩ̾̍̈ͫ̈ͮ̿ͩ̚ɐ̧̜͍͈̦̲̖̝̻̱̹̙͈̪̝̤͖̓̽̐ͪͤ͂̍͘͢ʞ̹̠͉̪̺͍̗̱͈͍ͥ̑ͣͣͧ̒̐ͪͪ̈́͐̓͌ͨͫ̂̚͘͟͢ɥ̼͙̥̱͆ͦ̀̂ͭ̄͘d̷̗̠̼̲͔̜̯̖̦͚̻̓ͦͨ̽̀͢ǝ̎̔͆̐ͮ̋͒ͭͨ͂̋́̕͡҉̩͎̫̻̬̜̰͙͚̼͙̼̱̣̥ן̨̟̭̣͙̫̫̟̲̮̘̻̗̰̙̜̥̫ͫ̍̽ͪ͒ͤ̔͆͂̈́́̚̕ɥ͑̉̾̔̑̓͒̿͌̆͊ͦ̋͗ͯ҉̶̼͇͈̫̦̭͎͓̻̮̩̘͓̠͔̹̘ͅd̘͓̞̘̗̞͕̤̙̰̳̮̓̌ͫ͛ͩ̈́ͧ͛̇ͨ̃̇̈́ͭ̓̀̕͜͝ǝ͍̬̠̫̮̤̖͎ͫͤ̏ͧͬ͘͜ͅͅן̛͗ͦ̔̿ͪͤ҉̡͖̜͓͉͎̪̫̣̲̺͉̱̦̭̩ͅɥ͂ͮ̓ͫ͑̚҉̡̛͇͙̳͖̠̤d̢̨̳̻̜̟̜͚͖̻̖̖̯̯͖̲̜̈́̊̈̓̆ͥͯ͢͝ͅͅͅǝ̸̨͙͔̙̣̩ͣ̽͋͂̔̈͗͊͢͝ͅɥ̢̰̹̱̳̘͆̈́̏ͯ̍͒ͤͦ̉͗̿̅͗̀͠ן̷̨͔̱̪̰̟̳̬̗̹͚̻̥̟͎̣̘̣̯ͨͬ͆ͫͬͬ̌ͮ͑͂͛͒͒̾ͅd̵̴̨̗̞͖͈̩͖͍͓̖̤̳̣̪̳͍̓̇ͮ̂̅͘͟ǝ̸̷̛̂̊͐̋̌̑ͭͦ͏̶͔̦̺̘͕̯̩̘̣̘̹̱͉ɥ̴̴̧̳͎̥͓̟͓̮͓͙̯̙̫̈́̍͊͐̎̏̆̽͐͌͝͠ן̧̯͇̪̠̼̝̯̩͉̥̥ͫ̇ͨ̆̽ͦ͘͠ͅd̵̵̡̪̖̙̖̞͋̔̇̈́͗́͜ǝ̙͎̜͎ͧ̈͋ͯ̇͆̋͒͐͒̓ͫͬ͌̋̔͐͘ɥ̖͓̳̼̣̦͍̳̘͈̤͒̋̇ͯͤ̉ͧ̀͂̕ן̷͖̺̣͖͉̙̻̖̙̥͕͍̥̗͙̱͛͐ͧ͌̀̔̋̉ͤ̈́̿̓̀͑ͭ͜ͅd̉̔͊͊̓̏̈̍͑̉̊͐ͫ̋͂̎҉̴̵̨̹̣̪̳͍̺̝̞̥̟̪͖͉̗ǝ̛͙̫̩̮̽̓̉͒͂ͣͮͧͮ̉͢͞ɥ̨͎̻̜͙ͥ͛̽ͮ̉ͪ̾̕͠ן̴̶̧̲̰̞̟̗͎̣̱͚͍͎̜̅ͣ̄ͩ̊̓̿̉̂ͬ̽́͝d̸͎̞̰̼̆̇̓̏ͦ́͐͐̓̓̈́͌͒ͫ͐͒́̋̚͘͝ǝ̵̨̡̓͆ͤ͟҉͕̞̻̖ɥ̴̢̡̹̗̖̤̰̬̥̥̺͖̿̂̂̇͑͐̇ͫ͗̓ͤͬ̔͢͠ןͫ̓ͮ̏̋̀͋ͫͣ͒ͪ́͆̆͡͏̛̟̝͓̠̝̱̯̮d̷̈͆̄̃͡҉͙̻̙̟̜̜̹͖̱ǝ̴̝̠̮̞̦̟̲̻̭̫͈̯̟̘̼̭͙̘͎͐ͩ̏ͬ̏͗ͣ͛͋ͥ͛̀͜ן̨̺͈̯̱͓͎̣͕̟͔̮̻̰͐͋͑̍͛̊ͥ̇̾̒̾ͥͦͪͮ̌ͩ̓͘ɥ̴̵͕̠̙̻̀̓̿̑͑͋̊̈́͆̅͌͋̕ḋ̎̊͌ͦ͆͂͏͓͉̦̩͕̯̦̟͘ן̹̙̻͔͕͉̜̥͉̥̟ͫͤ͂͂̌̀ͤ̉̌̅̈́͊͜͝͡ǝ̀̂́̾ͪ̇̀͐͒̿̎̋ͤ̆̋͌̑̚͏̵̮͈̤͓̖̺͍̼̞͍̙̠͚͖̀ͅͅɥ̔́ͭ́҉̛̝̹̘͎̟̮̦̳̻̖̬̪̙̹̼̤̀ͅḋ͚̺̹̯̯̪͚̰͍̊̉ͪͥͭ̌̌ͤ̀̊͂̃ͬͫ̈́͟ͅןͤ̈́̅̅͌̍̈̌ͭͦ̍̒͏̴̢̢̪̻͉̞̰̣̘̲͎̪̼̹̫̱̲͜ͅͅǝ̤͇̣̹̙͈͎̦̮͍͎͋̈́̉͜͡ɥ̶̡̧̢͕̮͈̬͈̫͕̯̥̥̞̗̞̟̟͉̰̐̌͛̍͘ן̶̧̢̺͈̜̫̟̘͖̙̮̱̹̥̘̔ͣͧͦ̏ͨ͢d̴̿͊̅͊͒̐̉̈ͤ̈̔ͮ̎͆̊ͣ̓͐̚҉̵͓̮͙̜̜̮̰̹͞͝ǝ̠̞͖͇̘͓̗̥̼͇͍̻̫͓̘ͫ̐̓ͥ͛̎̄̂͠ɥ̵̢͎̜̘͈̳̘̻̘̆͊ͤ̅̍̑ͤͥ͒ͥ̒̇͐͘͞ͅd̵̹̘̪̣̮̯̝̘̿̄ͧ͂ͨͮ̐̋ͪͬ̇̓͆̔̒ͣ̏̄͟ן̡̅̌̏́ͯ̅ͦͧ̃̋ͨ̒̍͑̊̋ͧ̉ͬ͢҉̴͕̺̮̰̤̳̲̭̳̱ǝ̷̷̺̹͕̜̼̤͉̫̜ͭ̿͌̈ͯ̎ͬ̂̍ͧͭ̀̎ͫͫ̕ͅͅͅɥ̵̩̹͇̳̘̯͔̘̣̆ͮ̉̾̆͞dͣ͌͗ͦ̈́͏̴͜͠҉̗̖̬̥͉̬̣̭̦̹̞̺͔͙̬̺̩ןͨ͋͊̉̄̎͑͏͙̻̞͇͉̰͓͖͖̼̕͞͠ǝ̷̆̾̋̉ͤ̈́̌ͪ҉̥̞͇̭̟̠̰ɥ̘̣̻̮̺̮̯̫̜̠͎̰̠̦͙ͣ͗̎ͩͦ̀͋ͪ̋̽ͧ̅͞ḑ͉͕̳͍̼̖̦̺̰̳͍͍͈̿̄̌͆ͯ͐͐̾͒͢ן̶̷̩͚̟̺̠͇̼͊͊ͩͣͧ̃ͪ́͢͝ǝ̨̲̫͈̤͔͚̝̪̳̯͚̦͉̪͙͕̤̬̆͋ͤͪͧ̓ͫ̑̊̀̿͢ͅɥ̶̹͖͙̤͍̍ͨ͗̈́̓ͦͧͬ̍͒̃͑̎̓̕d͍̗̯͍̳̺̳̺̳̩̒͛͗͗̽͡o̰̮̮͖̠̼̠̬̳̭̰̬̯͙͈̟̔ͥ͋͛͒̅ͤ̇͆̃͊ͫ͝ʇ̱̞͚͙͔̯̻͙̳̣͕͗̃̂ͤ̐ͪͯ͐̚͢s̃ͯ̍͆ͪ̋͒͆̈̒͑̾̉̒ͥͤ͘͜҉̪̦̳͓̬̖̝̝͝ ̢̢̱͓͉̥͙̖̖̩̙͊ͪͬ̃̎̾̒͂̄̔́ͥ͌ͩ͗̓̏̚͢͟͡ǝ̸͕͇̼̲̳̱̲̰͖̤̻̭̬͈͕̠̱̱͖ͧ͆̾͌̔̾ͩ̈̽ͨ́ş̸̧͚̜̼̫͍̠͎͚͍̮̝̤̹̰̥͎͕̅̋̌͊̌ͯ̂ͨ͒͗͑͜ɐ̛͙̰̹̣͇͎̼̼̼͈͖͖̙̜͈̾̓̋̐͜ͅǝ̡̧̲̭̟̹͙͔͚̤͓̉ͮ͑ͦͥ̀͋̀́͜ן̸̡̫͙̠̗͍̯̻̩͕̄̐̉̉̎ͦͣ̈ͤ̀ͅd̶̞̪͖̰̪̯͚̘̻͖͖͓͉̿ͥ̋͗̌́͒ͩ́̌́̅͒ͭ ̵̸̻̳̮̱͑͑̍̔̎̍̀͢͠p̶̷̢̣̺̮̼̼̺̫̗̫͇̤̱̖̌̃ͬ͂̀̈̀ố̧͉͎̰̠̖̫͇͈͎͔̲̥̞̗̹͓̺̽̉͒̒̿̄̀̏̃́̒ͮͯ̆ͯ̉ͬ͢b̴̧͍̖̱̩͎͎͚̟̝̬̭̳̳̪̬̹̄ͩ͐̒̈͘͠ɥ̢̥̱̺̳͍͓ͦ̌̆ͨͨͫ̽͋̀̒ͪ̉͜o̥̫̘̹̼ͨͨ͆͢s̔̌͆̉̚͠҉҉̜̦͚̯̫̰͖̖͓̪́ɐ̶̷ͬ͊̆̓̎̄̓҉̮͈̙̲͎̥͉̲͓͖͓̳̠͉̜͉̦̹ơ̵̶̷̖̦̱̺̩͚̭͚͂͊͗ͩ͑̉̎̍ͣ͛́̌ͣ͘b̴̻͚͉͓̞͖͌ͩ̈̒̓͊͞o͕̪̫̯̮͉͙̰̗͈̥̗̞̙̅ͥ̈́̿̓ͯ͜ɥ̋̃͊ͫͥͦ͛̆̚̚҉̨̖̙̘͕̯͠ͅǒ̴̷̴̜̻̫̼̦̻̗̲̮̞̝͇̲ͯͪͣ̔͑͌̑̓̈́ͧ̿͛́̒̾͞b̴̵̸͕͈͔̱̳̞͓̼̼͕͍̞̓̽̏͒̔ͪ̅͆̕͘ͅ ̢̥̺̲̣̠̬̠ͨͩ͗ͮͫ̈́ͫͥ̊̈́̏̓ͩ͒̎̋̀̏ͥ͡ɥ̢̓̅̂̏ͨ̐̿͐̌̃͡҉̛̛̲̣͔͓̗̱̙̲̪̳̥o̧̠̱̻̻̘̤͉̒̾̊̄͡d͆ͪͣ̍̉͒̓̇́̓҉̧͙͈̖̯̤̘̥̲̰̦͓̳̮͔̖̫̱̯͚ơ̢͕̱̣͔̳̤͙͉̯̰͈̺̈́̔ͦ̓̕̕ʇ͔̜̰̙͉̩̣̤̻̘͖̮̗̱̯ͫͪ͋̅̾ͫ̆̄̈͟͜͡͞ş̵̘͉͓͙̩̗̩ͧ͗͋͘͘ḑ̸̷̘̯̮͎̟̲͔͙͔ͣ̿͊̇ͪ͒̉̓ͪ̀ͅן̸̧̢̧̋̑ͪͫͩ̂ͣ̍̿͋͊̇̓͋̿͑͏̱̯̱̭̪͓̥̯̯̤͍̮ǝ̷ͦ̅ͨ̋͛̅̓̒͆̊ͦ̍ͬ̈́̾̋̅̚҉̛̬͖͍̕ɥ̧͍̯̯͇̟͔͍͖͍̱͕̦̯͔̫̘̎̋̅͛̄̽ͮ̑̇̾͛͗ͥ̒ͯͥ̚͘͝ǝ̟͕̰͉͍̠̩̗̞̟͍̪̭̹̰̰̠̯̏̓̆̍̐̉ͮ́͒́̚̕͢͞͞s̴̬̞̻̠̪͈͇͇̭̆ͫ͆̎̿ͪͨ̇̾̇ͯɐ̵̷̴̪̙̗͈͌ͧ̏̓̆͑͟͠ǝ̢̻̦̠͇̫̙̜ͪ̍̆̀̊̃̓̒̆̅̒ͭ̊͡ͅן̵͍̦̯͍̰̙̰͔̺̥̤͖̫͚͎̪̙͊͑ͯ̍̎́̌̽͒̊̆ͨͩ̿̎̓͛̃̏͘͢͡͞ͅd̴̤̗͍̙̅͒̓ͧ̉̽̋ͤ̍ͪ̒ͬͬ̇ͣ̄̚͡͡͡͞d̴͕͓͙͔͈̝͔̙̗̥͕̝̤̲̞̼̲͌ͯ̆̃̕ן̘̣͖̟̺̜̗̱̣̆̈́̔ͣ͌͐̆̄ͧͩ̎̆͂̄̄͌́ͬ́͘͠ͅǝ̢̃̔̒ͬ̇̽̾̏͗̚͘͏̥̱̣̻̬̞̬͕̻͈̺ͅɥ̨̧̛̲̝̜͓̻̦̤̘̪̙̂ͤͯ̈͢͡d̵̶̩̯̼̫͓̹̱͙͇̂ͥͤͭͤ͂ͧ̒͆ͭ̽̃̽ͬ̽̊ͪ̅̀͘͟ͅo̵̹̪͙̥͇͈̼͕̮͋̉ͤ̄ͫ̈̍̎̾ͣ͋ͫͯͯ̚ͅʇ̴̟͓̥̜̲͎̥͓͎͔͈͚̟̤ͤͪͧ̋̓̅̉ͦ̒̀̽ͤ͘s̶̛̞̩͖̱̖̖̟̙̰͈̫̪̯̊̂͋̐ͬ̊̅ͯ͂ǝ̛̟͎͔͍͈̘̗̹͓͇̞̗̯̭̮̖̱͕̰͗ͫ̅́͜s̴̶̛̀ͤ̒̽ͫ̐̋ͥ̋ͮ̊ͣͮ̅̊̀̆́҉̖̻͚̪ɐ̷̷̦̦̲̤͍͉̟̺͇͎̍̽ͦͫͫͦͥͯͮͩ̈ͯ̑͡ǝ̵̻̰̼̓͆̃ͮ̂̊ͫ̊̇̑̾̋͒̏ͭ̊ͮ̆̕͠ן̧̨̢̢̟̬̮͖͉̣̫̹̆͌̑͛̿͐̊ͮ̚͞d̪̞̤͚̟̮̫̬͓͎̖̬̝͎̈́͂ͤ̍̔ͯ͂̇̐̃̉́͒ͭ̈͊͐́ ̷̵̢̠̰͕͈̗̜̙͙̯̦̖̭̭̙͎̼͔̤̌ͤ͗̓͛ͮ̀̚ʇ̸̛̿̊͑͒̋ͤ̋҉̛͉̹̝̦́ɐ̸̡̯͈͖̦̗̣͙͖̰̀̓ͮͥ̚͡͝ɥ̨̢̺͔̤̠̳͎͕̙̳͖̻̙̮̠ͮͩͪ̑̓̌͝͝ʇ̛̪̗̻̝̦͓̰̥̪̺͎̞̈́͑ͣ͐ͨ̎͊ͤͣ̎ͨ̕͟ ̔͒̅̆̄́͆ͤ̄̀̊͒͗̏̀́̚͟͏̢̙̫̦͍͇͎̭ǝ̶̧̼͎̜̭̯̠͙ͭ̽̈ͧʞͫ̈́͗ͭ̊͐̏̊͒̂̒̏̒ͯ͛̆̃̾҉̵̘͔̮̙̹͟ı̷̌͒̅ͨ̆̒̓ͦ̐̿ͭ̀ͧͤ̈̌ͧ̀̿͠҉̛҉̬̺̼̯̩ͅן̶̳̯̱͇̬̞̯͓̦͇̝̹̙̟̻͈͖͑ͥ͆ͭ̔̃̄͗̌͛ͪͫ̿͗͟ͅ ͋̉̋͗̀ͮ̑ͤ͂̿͂́ͥ͢͏̟̣̰̭̗̤̝̤͔̗̮̭̲̻̺ͅǝ̡̢̢̳̭͓̰̞̻̖͉͈̥̜͔̯͖̯̫̤͓̽͊̀̃̑̈͟͡ɯ̡̭̱̹̤͎̲͎̙̖̜ͮ̓̑̄̇̒̅ͯ͊̌͊͗̃͗̌ͫ̾̇͝͡ʇ̵̾ͧ̊̔̾̊̓̽ͤ̈́ͤ̌̋͒̉̑͟҉̘͇̗̹ɐ̶̢͔̺̰̞̠ͮ̊ͧ̂͊̏͒̐ͧ͗́u̷̯̦͚̟̺̪̤̯͔̺̞̜̯͒ͬ̒́͘̕͡b̀̌͂̋ͨ̈̑̌҉̢̣͇͙͈̘̪͖͔͚̩̲̀ı͔̝͈̩̗̺̓̑͒̂̄͋ͤ̓̍̏͆ͨ͐ͦ̂͐̕͡ʞ̨̝͕͖̠̲̳̙̼̪̫̥̘͔͖̗͈̂ͭͮ̑͆̐ͫ͂̐̅̌̿ͬͧ́ơ̡̊̅͂̆̿͏̵̱͎͙͓̼͖̮͢ǒ͑ͤ̉҉̖̫̻̬̫̹̬͇̬͔͕̞̺̦͕̪̱͡ͅןͣͥ͐̆͊ͥ͆̊̂͂͠͏̢̢̰̫̤̱͇̦͖̣ḑ̴̵̛̙̲͇̥͚̣͌̓̄̈́͂̂̉̒̃ͬ̚͞ǫ͕̙̭̳͙̘̖̠̎̐̆͛̍ͣ͌͒̈́͌̌ͦ͂͛͒ͯ̐̚͟͞͠ͅʇ̸̞̱̩͍͓̰̆̉ͨ̆̐̏́͟͠ṡ̵̥̬̯̮͕̟͔̞̮͔̜̮̗̦̑̃̃̉ͭ̒ͩ͋͒̇́̈̿ǝ̧̗͔̞̗̱̗̞͚ͪͦ͊ͥͯ́s̡̧̳͖͖̖͖͕͕̦̟̘̱̺͓̍̋͐̃̇̇̔ͦ͛͞͠ɐ̽͂͂͌͂҉̷̝͇̲̣̞̟̘̺̩͓̪̯͓̪͘͢ǝ̨͇̻̠̥̝̦̼̼̱̦̔͐̋̉ͬ̑̓̃͛͡ͅן̤̞̱̯͇͇̭͔̀ͤͦ͆͑̂̆̆ͧ̅̓̒ͩ͗͡d̸͓͈̠̫͛̊ͧͤ̔͋̀̀ͯ̈͆̐͜͠ ̢̛̛̲̗̻̭̜̥̰̱̪̪̹̹̺̪̪̏͌ͤ̇̆͆̋̃ͨʇ̶̢͛ͪͩ͆ͨͬ͠҉͖̞̗̘̜͎̤̠̲͈͍̞̜̥̠̮͖ͅı̢̳̝͎͓̱̠̝̊̾̃͜͝ ̧̫̘̘̼̣̜͕̮̫̣͉͙̠̥̪͋͛̓ͣ̍̒̔̊̔̒̉̕͟͢͞ͅd̡̧̻̞͇̜̻̘ͯ̔̈̍̀͆̆ͭ̌̄ͯ͆͗ͣͅơ̱͉̻̯̞̔̿ͮ͛̋̀͆͒̽ͩ̋͒̌̈́̒̅̇͒͠͞͝ʇ̸̵̗̗͙̘̗̥͑̍̂̄̑ͭ̾͑̄͟͟ͅs̐̽̂̏ͣ͌͐ͯ͑̓̒̀̚͏̛̻̣̳͖̙̞̱̝ ̵̳̺̠̯͙̠̩̻̼̞̟͖̦͓͋ͨ͆̄͠ͅǝ̷̝̩͕̳̻͉͍͉̻̞̼̫͔͎̬͈̩͂̉̆͂̃͑̇̀̎̓̎̀̋̓ͩͧͣ̕͟͠s̖͚̹͍̱̟̮̫̮͇̰̯̜̦͔̏ͬ͋̋̽́́͟͟͝ɐ̶̷̜̬͎̳͔̲̞͈͕̳̠͗̈́̀̂ͣ͗̑̀͊̎ͭͬ̋͌ǝ̨̪̗͈̼͚̦̪̦͉̗̼̘̠̭̪̻̒̏̏ͬ̔̆͆̒̊ͥ͑ͯ̽ͭͫ̇ͮ͟ן̧̏̓͑̂́̄ͮ͊ͪͭ̏̌͗ͩ҉̶͓̙̠͡d̨̉ͮ̍̾̅ͯ́ͧͪ̽͛ͫ͐͝҉̧̥̥̝̹̙̱̱͓̟͓̙̺͚͇̖̦͈̩́ ̛̦̟̼͇̩͍̮͚͙̥̖̻̝͎̝ͨ͒͗̐̑͟͡ͅǝ̤͕̪̩̤͙̗͔̪͖̲̗̖̫͓͇̀͑ͪ̾̒ͮ̇̆̀̀̚͡͡ɯ̧͚̟̖̺̲̝͉̯̫̲̹͚ͪ̉̅͐̉ͧͭ̎ͣ̕͝ͅ ̨̳̮̩͚̤͕̞̼̫̏̆́̾ͬ̓͋d̛̹͕̥̤̲̼̟̝͔͍̺͕̩͖̥̜̠͌̏ͦͮ̽̔̅͋ͩ̓̾͆͆ͩ͂ͦ͋͋͝ͅן̸̡̘̤̱͔̬͎̅̓̋̿ͤ͛͌̓̂́͢͞ǝ̷̶̞̯̘͕̘̩̯̺̱̤͇̪̪̦ͧͦ͗ͨ͆ͯ͐̿̿ͣ̄͆̋ͫ̆͑̍̕̕ͅɥ̷͔̤̟̩͇̜̫̤̼͎͕̞̲̂ͨ͐͐̆̽͟d̶̴͐̓͌͐ͭ̎̾̆̍̊͌̌ͤ̒̃̃ͮ҉̭͕̰̟̩̟̩͕͠ǫ̈́̑͐͛̇̂̊ͫͦ͒ͬͯ͝͏̮̭̳̗͙̦̯͔͉̖̞̙̺̞̺ͅʇ̨͍̣̬͖̫̳̗͕͇̜̗̬̠̈ͯͭ͌ͩ̌̓̐͌̏̕͢ͅͅͅs̷̮̱̦̘̟̱̜̤͌̂̔̍̄̏̊͘ͅͅ ̵̱͉̰̰̣̜͖̠̻̠̝̭̆̍̆̓̿̎ͥͭͬ͜ͅʇ̷̨̨͇̩͍̠̜̝̪̹̣͙͙̙̀̈ͮ̉̐u̶̶̵͙̘̞̳͍̹̜̦̱̫̤̙̲̐̿̌̚ͅɐ͂̒͂̄ͭ͂ͯ̈́̉ͭͩ͒̆̅̿ͥ̆͘҉̸̼̲̦̭̜̯̦̗̹̮͇ͅɔ̝̺̬̳̭͇̳̯̖̦͇̼̞̩̝̘̠͈̒ͨ̉̑̔ͭ̉͆̌̾̚̚͜ ̶̧̨̱̬̟͖͍̺̰̥̤͛̉̍ͤͭ͂ͩ̾̇̂ͧ̓͘ı̸̛̍̏̓̐̎ͪͣ̋̊́ͬ̚͝҉͚̻̞̫̦͔͠u̺̲̖͉̬̟̞̖̍̽ͫͭͩ͗ͣͭ̈ͪ͐ͬ͋͛͢ı̶̖͈̪̝͈͇͇͈̳̽̑ͧ̄ͤ̈́ͣ͋͐̽̑́́͘͝ɐ̨͔͈̙̺̹͖̥̙͍̦ͧ͋̊̀͑́ͣ̕̕͝b̷̨̞͈̱͈̪͗͆ͣͩ͡ɐ̸̦̠͍̱̪͚̣̘̩̜̜͚̟͙̭̹̹̲̯̿ͦͯͤ̕ǝ̎̂̿̌̃ͬ̊҉̨̭̲̩͔͎̯̜̰̥͈̟͙̮͢͝͡ͅɹ̸̇̌̏ͤ͊̍ͪ͟͏̖̰͕̤̣̦̘ͅǝ̐͆̿͒̆̈̂͂̉͊̇̓̑̋͗҉̶͍̻͖̖̦̣̣̱̰̫͍̱̹͈̬̣͕͇͝ɥ͖̰̺̦̙͓̮͖̟͔͈̦̳̞̻̤͇̑̅̀̊̉̌́͐͗̐ͧ̑ͤ́͟͜ ̷̷̢̛̪̹̯̞͎̺̬͓̪͉̫̣͔ͤ͒̑̄͒̆̇ͪͪ͡ǝ̴̵̙̥̥̗̻͈͉̝̞ͯ̊ͦͤ͒̔͆̄̋͌̎̐̃̅̑ͮ̇̚͜ɹ̴̟̗̖͉͙͈͖̰̦̫̬̬͍͈͔͖̞͂ͬ͆ͩͣͬ̔͂̓ͦ̑̔̅̓̅́̚͢,̵͎̫͉̖̮̳͊͑ͩͬͧ̑͆̑̚͟͠͞ʎͫ̑̉͒ͧ͏͏͉͈̹̰̪̯̳̲͓ǝ̜͚͖͓͕̫̭ͯ̉͋̐̉ͣ̈́ͣ̃͘͜ɥ̢̟̘̱͙̼̹͕̞̥̪̞͉̥̓͑̍͐͊ͮ̂̉̎̚͝ʇ̧͎̗̻̻̹̬͔̺͉͐̇̅ͥ̅ͫ̽ͬ̌͗͛͐̀ ̒́ͯͪ͒ͮ̎̏͊̉̆ͤ͂͏̕͏̖̼̩̖̥̯̭͈̻͇̯̹̭̯̯̝͓͖ṗ͑̎̐̌̒̈́̓̃͟͏̞̜͍̞͞o͉͖̹̤̘̬̻̫̙̬ͪ͂ͨ̄̓́ͪ̅͛ͬ̽̽̿ͫͭ́̚͟͞͡ḇ̶̬͚̭̗̗̖̂̽̆̈̃̇̒̅ͦ͑͒̏ͣ́̕ ̔̇̾̑̈́̅͑ͯ̐̑̌͊̾̊͗͗ͪ̀҉̡̛̥̠̝͈̘͚̹̜̩̳̭̪̳̲̙̗͎͎ͅɥ̪̹̥̜̳̒̂̎̂̇͌̉ͧ̌͐ͨ̾̀͐̌̊͌ͮ̋͘̕ͅö́ͮ̏̉͗̑ͣ̓͛ͤͫ̕̕҉͖̳̥̣͈̘͉̬͔̜̥͚͉̼ ̧́̊͑̆ͫͤ́̇͐̍̅́́͏̨͔͎͙̥d̡͖̹̤͖̥̫̫̠͖̦̣̫̺̆ͩͫ̂̇ͧ͋͋ͬ̓̆͑̆́͑ͥ́́͘͘o̸̾̍̽͊̔̉̅̉́̓̍̊҉̸̣͖̗ʇ̵̩̘͉͇̖̙͍̮̘͎̩͕̱̹̰͇̹͑̿ͬ̉̈̌ͤ̉̆͌̏͘ͅs̡̥̟͍̫̼̲͗̃ͣ͗ͥ͂ͭ̐̈́̃ͯͯͤ̚ ̦̞̺̼̬̼͙̲͖͉̗̮͚͓͓̭͉̖ͦ̇ͥͦ̎͒͊̽ͥ͐́ʇ̵̹̘̯̖̙̩̤̻̪̰̟͇̬̫̩̙̏̐ͯ͗͌͐ͤ͗͗̈́͂ͥ̑̿̎͑ͥͥ́̚̕͟ͅı̦̪̜̜͖̳̦̳͍͇̟͚ͪ̑̄̐̀̀̀̚͟ͅ ̸͇͚͖̜̩͑ͬͮͪ̂̿͗͠ǝ̡̡̛̲̞̳̏̾ͮͨ̀̋͝ʞ̈͊̔̾ͮ̏̎͑̈́̀̽̂͏͏͓̯̪̘͈ɐ̢̛̟̖̠̗̬̩͓͚̻̩͉̬̠̣̹̐̓̈̓͗͐̿̓ͫͪ̃ͣͮͥ̉͑̚ɯ̸̧̙̱̬̪͎ͩͦ̀̐̓̄ͣ͆̾̊ͫͯͭͦ̄ ̴͎͔͔̫̝͓͎̻͚̹ͩ̇̑ͦ̍̽ǝ̵̷̢̥̯̘̞̼̜̄͛̈́ͩ͛ͦ͂̌̇̄ͪ̂̎̓̚s͂̎ͥ̈̉̈́ͨ̇̐̀ͩ͊҉̷̘̪̹͓̝̦͚̲̮̝̦̥̩̥̳̰̟͕͝ɐͭ̀̋̐̍̂ͬ͑̆̆̌ͧ̈́ͣ͐̑͒̐҉̯̰̩̩͝ͅǝ̴̙͈̜̉̂͗̓ͯ̄̚͟ͅן̵̨̅͂̽͑̊ͣ̏͒͋̒̽ͭͩ̂̌͋̏̚҉̧͖̝̥͎̭͕̥̦͎͚̥̙̪̺̻̼ͅd̷̵͉͍͎̝̪̦͎̠̞̞͙̓̈͋̽̅ͩ͂ͨ̾́͝͞ ̹̼̲̗̬̯̭̘̪̭̥̜͎̘̖̻͂ͨ̀̂̓ͪ̏͂͢d̴̸̥̣̟̮̖̆̐̌̓̔ͯ͌ͦ́̍̅͆͛̚͟͝ͅo̢͆̿͊́͋ͬ̄͢͝҉҉̲͍͍̰̘͓ͅʇ̥͉̩̭͍̠̯̩͓̰̩̭͕̣̤͎̣̺̗͌̊̽ͨ̀̊̔ͥͮ̆́̽̆͘͡͝s̴̖͍̠̹̪̗̠̪͍͍͙̓̑̑͊̍ͫ̕͟͠ͅ ́̾ͫͤ͐̉ͩ́̆҉̵͏̭̻̬̞͇̠̣͍̟̼͖ʇ̅̎͂͐͆̿̈́̊́̓̍̑͂̒̓̉͆͆́̚͏͏̨̼̲̣͈̳̹͙̹͍̫̜̮̪̦́ͅı̨̨̱̤̰͚̫̩̻̘͎̭̣̰ͯ̅̔̓ͣ͋ͯ̿̾ͧ̌̆́ͦ̔ͥ͐̕͟͠ ̖̜̯̣̦͙̫̅̒ͨ̏̇ͤ̔̒ͣ̂̓͆̄̀̀ͅǝ̃͑̍͐̌̂͌͛ͫ̎͏͏̢̧͇̱̙̪͚̝̮̖̺͈͈͞ʞ̡̛͖͇̤͖̠͓̭̠̱̲͖̙̼̙͖̤̞͍̃ͮ͒̓̌ͤͥ̍͆͒̓̈̿̌̓ͬ̌̚ɐ̷̢̨̤̩̦̭̯̪̠̰͈͋̐͛̅̈̀ͤ͑ͨ͊̅͊ɯ̶̧̱̭̬̮̽ͬ̈ͨ̆̉ ̴̡͚̰͍͙̝̥̩̭̣͕̲̦̩̩̜̫̟̰͂ͮͣ̚͞ǝ̧̢͚̜̫̮̞̙̙̦̘͇̪͐͆̊̍ͮͥ̚ɹ̵̡͕̥̪̙̣̦̻̖͈̦̞͙̲̇̎̆̎ͬ̉͆̐̄̀̊̇̽̀ǝ̷̬̞̰̳̟͖͍̹̟͉̬̱̮̝͛̏͑̂̆̑͋̎ͣ̉͒ͪ̀̿́̌̋́̕ɥ̵͎͔̳͎̰̺̣͓̝̦̠͉̜̜̹̱̩͇̾̐̆͒̋̚ʍͦ̅̉̾ͤ̏ͨ͌́̽̌͌ͩ̀̌͘͟͏̪̯͕̪̻͎̺͖̮̟̪̭̝̮̖͢ͅʎ̢͔̘̙̠͙̗̺͕͓͈̦̯̌͒ͨ̄̒͛̋͜ɹ̶̧̡̦͍̼̙̔͊̄͗̾ͦ̊͂̾͆̂̀ͫͯ͋̃̀͛̕͟ǝ̴̻̠̭͔̥̟͉̞̭̣͈̦̘̣̔͑̌͂ͨ̏ͫ̓̎ͪ̆ͧ͊͜͟ʌ̷̢̛̯̬̲͍̻̮̹̦̆̾ͪ̎ͣ͠ͅǝ̵̏̒ͤͨͯ̿ͣͤ҉̵҉̗̣̮̰̲̤̹̯͉̗̭̠͔ ̶̶̸̣͈̟̝̺̼̰͔ͧͮͬͧ̎͞͞ͅǝ̷̥̞͚̙ͭ͗͌ͯͬ̀̎̐ͫ͂ͪͧ̈̓͒ͬ̈̕͟͢͞ɯ̍͋̐͛̃͊̂ͩ͗̆͂͏̵̣̰͉̗̬͇̳͎̪̹̗͡͝ ̷̷̧͈̳͕͉̙̺̞̟͙͓̠͕͚͚͙ͤ̈͐̋̿̈́́ʍ̶̸̸̟͈͖͔̤̲͉̳͇̦̖̹̳̗̓̈̄̉̏͂͐̃ͧͮ͆̽̓͆͝͡o̷͗̅͊ͪ͜͟҉̠̫̻͓̙̳̘̠̯̯͕̳̜̯̩̰ͅן̶̣̜̞͍̬̹̬̣͖̻̼͙̮̯̗̙̥̦̞̇̆̄̍̅͛ͤ͗ͫ͊̓̿͊͢ן̯̳̝̩̥̤̣̦̝͙̮̖̮̥̐ͨ̔̿̇͆͒́̚̕o̮̘͙̲̞̠͔̬̜͚ͯͣͩ͆ͯͥ̿̃̍ͬ͑͊͒͌͢͞͡͠ͅɟ̸̷ͫ̍̅͑͆̓̓̓́͌̿̐͒̃̓̉̒̚҉̻͇̲̪͕̗̩̱̞̱͎̲͉̬̼̰ ̧̯̦̭̞̤̥̞̩͎̙̳̺̘̰̙̻ͩ̾͑̆ͨ̔̔̾̇̀̋ͧͩ͐͟͠s̴̲͇͕̗̤͌̏ͯ̍̚͢͢͝ͅǝ̡̳̝̳̭̜͕͉͇͙̻̥̖͑ͭͬ̇̿ͭ͋̎̈́̐͒̓͛ͦ̏̄̿̚̚͘̕͢ͅʎ̴̨̻͓͍̼̱̳͈̗̫̰̬͗ͮ̂̐ͮ͆̍́͠ǝ̷̦͚̘̝̻̜̼̼̇ͫͥ̉̌͗́̔̃̆ͭͪ̉̃ͯ̇̿̂́͟ ̸̛ͬ̾͐̀͛͡҉̗̲͎̖̪ɹ̷̛͖̪͓̹̞̻͎͖̘̠̤̱̝͎̲̝̮̖̈́͒ͮ̍̾̄̋̉̕̕ı̧̨̻͕͙͓͙̗̭͔̄͋ͯͦ̿͐͑ͣͯͭ͗ͥ̈́ͣͣ̕͝ǝ̵̯̤̳̠̯͖̟̦͇̬͉̞̝̰̈ͫ̈́ͪ͛ͥͤͤ̀ͯͮ̈́̂̑̄̑͘ɥ̸̨̧̙̲͈̰̳̙̣͍̎̆ͦͥ̔̏̍̇ͦ̂̚̚ʇ̵̧͆̋ͤ̿͏̥̥͎̫͚̱̼̣̰̫̠̠̖͖̭ͅ ̊͂́̍̚҉̳͍̳̤͘ɯ̶̶̡͉͙̼̺̾̀ͪͧǝ̷ͥ̌͑̽̃̆̓̏̅̽ͬ̒̔̇͌́̇ͨ҉̠̮̙̻͖̭̟̲̠͍̙̺̻̗̲͟͠ͅɥ͖̟̖̘̜̻̳̬̦̻̟ͫͦ̐̂͆̉ͪ̓́̊ͫ͜͢ʇ͆ͯ͆̀̄̉̅̋̀̒̏͏̨̣̙̰̙̤̣͇̥̥̫̕͞ ̶̡̛̭̩̖̟͔̗̂ͯ̃̔̃ͣ͆ͧ̽ͨ̿̿͋̀ɟ̶̷̡͉̹̯̳̱̻̘̖͎̭̣͇͉̥̗͉̏ͩͣͮ̏̅͒͂̾̊̓ͦͦ̆̈̇̕͠ͅő̵̵̟̥̝̪̜͎̜̼̳̻̥̹̫͉̭̪̫͖̉̅ͯͦ̀͘͜ ̸̨̫͔̣̞̰̖̳̼̩̟͓̳̝̱͎̉͛̒̓͗̅̌̿ͩ̿̋̄̈́̈́̚͡ן̛̱̼̬̜͕̥̣̞̠̭̝͉̝͛̐̓̊̑̆̒ͦͭ̇̈ͧ̈́͢ͅͅן̵͇͎̞̰͆̆̀̆̅͆ͣ̇͗̃̉ͣ̒̉͛ͩ̕͜͜͡ɐ̶̦͔̫̼͛̇ͥ͋̅̓̋̚͘ ̵̨̨̤͉͍̥̲̘̼̼̮̺͙̯͕͐̒̈̌̇͂ͨ̽̌̊͌͊̈́̇̇̾͂́̀̚ǝ̴̛̤͍͖̹̱͇͈̟͎̺ͥ͂̾ͫ̍ͬͪ̀ͅǝ̴̛̙͍̹̬̺̙̪̭͔͕̤͉̤͙̮̗̳̒̇̑ͪ͒ͭͫ̓̌ͩ͐̎ͤ̕ͅs̸̢̛̘͎̭̞̮̟̹̬̣̰̠̠̱͉̜̯͍̋̏͌ͧ̀̀̚ ͍͈̺̪͖͓͚͉͍̼̗͇̝̝̼͎̲̮̻̿͑̓̿́ͪ͛̓ͩ̑̇̎͗ͬͮ̔̑̈͘͘ı̡̨̡̲̺̲̺͈̼̹̯̬̜̝̬̬̪͚̫̃̋́̾ͨͦ̽ͭ̇ͮ̈́͊̕͜ͅ ̵̠͇̯̹̖̞̣̩͓̼̈̐͊̃̓̔̉ͣ̈̌̈͛ɯ̷̨̞̱͓̹̇̑̿̒̓̽ͫ̃ͥǝ̵͍̘̳͎̖̞̘̗̹̠͈͇̼̙̝̩̩̗̇̍ͫ͛ͭͣ̌̄̔̏̍͑̎̅̀ͭ͊͊̚ͅɥ̴̴̨̩̫̞̬̺̝̙̻͍͎̌́ͮ̆ͭͭ̏ͦ̽̐ͩ͂͊ͥ̕͟ʇ̅͑ͣͨ̆ͬ͋̓҉̶̨̭̥̗̞̱͓̘̖͉͚̕͡ ͣ̇̽ͨͣ̉̃ͣͮ̏̈́ͣ͋͐͗̽҉̣͎̫̝̰̘̫͚̦̩͚̞̠͘ǝ̴̸͎͓̻̫̩̞̩̯͓͍̭̣̝̮̹͗̔̐ͯ́͒̍ͭ́̉͝͠ǝ͖̩̤͍̪͎ͫ̃̑ͤ̂̾͡ş̯͇̞̞̰̦̹͔͔͓͓̗͎̠̟͎͈͍̆ͣ͑̅̋͊̂̃̃͐̇́͢͝ͅ ̫̗͎̦̠̜̳̜͚̩̩͖̏ͦ̇́̄̍̅ͩ͛̿ͥ̒ͮ̇̎̆ͧ͢͝͡ı̶̵̨̙͙͖̖̼͚̟̰̙̦̬̬͕̘̘͊ͦ̆̍̈ͯ̒ͣͥ̊͒̓̇̚ ̷̵͑̾ͭ̐ͥͥ̾ͮ̄͐̓̅̈́̆̆̂͞͏͉̙̦̭͍̜̬̲̱ǝ̶̧̢̬̬͍̹͔̲̞̮̹̙̼͔̯̜̇͛̑ͩ̓͛̓̍͛͗̆̒͝ɹ̶̢̢̝͖̬͛ͭͪ͋̇̐ͧ̃͢ǝ͑̄ͭ̊̌̈́̈́҉̢̯̜̤̹̟̩̮̺̜̩̟̝̪͝ɥ̽̆̑̋̃̅͐̒͒̒̈ͭͤͦ̃̃͆ͯ͑̕҉̤̥̱͖͇̯ʍ̐͗̓̈́͒̂̿҉̧҉̹̣͕̪̜̳̤̪̣̠͡ʎ̉ͬ̓͐͌́͆ͫͫ͂̅̍ͬ͆͊̔҉̫͖͎͈̹̪̟̘̀ɹͣ͋ͮ̎͑҉̨̨̛͕̥̪̩̳̲͙͚ǝ̴̥̬̪̜͔̟̤̖ͥͥ̈́̏̓́ͧ̋ͬ̃̋̔͡ʌ̵̸̨̻̩̬̜̤̠͚̤͖͚̻̭͎̯̻̭ͣͨͧ̈ͦ͆̈ͫ͗͌͂̅ͯ̓́͞ǝ̘̩̟̜̞͕̘̼̺̒͆̄ͭ̓ͪ́̃ͯ̆͑͐́̆ͬ͘͜͞ͅ ̵̨̱̰̠͈̜̼͙̞̗̠̠̮̭̭̥̩ͧ͌̓͑ͨ͋͑ɯ̢̇ͦ̓͆̿ͯ̂̇̇́ͦ͏̨̭̙͔̮͓͜ǝ̶̶̢̧̩͇̣͉̼̞͔͖̦̠͕̻̱̹̩̖͈̇ͪ̊ͧ̐͆͗ͮ͆͆͗ͨ͒̋͑ͭ̎̈́͞ɥ̴̶̙͖̟̹̞̖̲̝̼̹̻̬̳̖̆͛ͭͯ̆ͬ̒̅ͮ͐ͧ̉̐̒͌̚ͅʇ̳̩̺̲̱̟ͣ̄̅ͣ̄ͮ͌̓͐̑ͨ̂ͫ̓́̽ͬ̚̕͢͠ ͚̤͕̱̞͓͇̮̻̬͎̜̣̹̀͛̆̒͒͛̆͐̌ͥͨ͆̕͢͞͠͝ͅǝ̷̵̷̜̜͖̣̭̦̺̜̬̗̤̼̘̲͙͒͛͌͐̎̎͛͋̅̕͡ǝ̶̸̪͉͉̲̬͇͙͈̲̔͂̔̾ͪ̐̽͆ͫͨͥ̌́͒̔ͅș̶̡̡̙͎̘͈̩͇͓̠͐ͯ̉̇͢ͅͅ ̡͕̬̙̱̞̰̦̜̣̜͇͖̈̊̾͛̾͊̐̎ͯ͑ı͌ͧ̄̒͋̑̈͏̧̰̤͙͈̞̦̪̦̝̪̬͔̣͈̮̗̻̺

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Ģ̷̶̵̗̫̠͕̋́͛̍ͤ̐͞l̷̻͕̗̱̰̳͈͕͈̲͋ͬ͊̂̓̌̑̑̑ͥ͐̅́̀̚͘͜i̢͌͑͋ͣ́͆͑ͣ̓̽͏͠͏̲͚̲̹̺̤̗͚̝͎̤͇͈͖t̾̔̈̃̽ͣ̃̄ͦͪ̒̉͂̒̽̿ͮ̕͘҉̶͖̘̩̦͈̹̻̱͙͎̣c̶̵̵̱̗̭̟̤̮͇͚̠̲̩̗̬͔̻͔̞̫̿͛̈̓̉͊ͬ̒h̵̻̹͚͖̙̤͇̠̦͖̝͇̘͈̙͎̘̞͚͌̅̓̐͊̊̚ ̨̡̯͔̫̼͂ͣͬ̑͗g̸̶̡̬͖̙̮̩̜̲̰̣ͯ̈́̃̊̇̈́ͪ̓̅̄̏̏ͥ̃̓ͫ͢͞ͅͅl͋̓̊͛ͤ҉̳̻̼͖̭̝̭̹͜i̧̡̛̥͕̬̞̼̙̋ͭͣ̂ͣ̍ͨ̈́͐̽̎̄̏̂̿̃̆ẗ̸̡̧̤̩̟͎́̒ͥ̅ͣ̉̅̌̃̋̐̍̃͛͋ͦ̌́ͦ͝c̾̆͌͌̓͗͐͗̿͌͏͢͏̵͇͕̭̜͎̪̺̹̤̩̼̜h̴̨̲̭̱͚͖̓̿̏͒̍͗̈́̕͝ͅ ̡͈͍̝̲̦̮͕̜̝̱̰͔̭̪̤̦̰̙͗̄͊ͤ͐̈́̒̆͂̽ͥ̓͟ͅg̲̗̮̭̞̔̈̋̏͐̄͗́͋́͜ļ̵̛̿͊̄͆ͥ̉̊͆̈̌̃ͨ҉̵̲̙͙͍͍̹̪̝ȉ̲̦̼̟͚̦̪ͪͭ̋̎͂͘͜ţ̮͎̳͎̲̅ͨ͗̉͌͛ͩ͑̚̕͠c̶̛̯̟̙̠̠͓̥̟̹̰̩̮̰̅̊̎͆́h̛̹̜̔ͣ͊̈ͥͬ̔̈́̍̈́͝͞ͅ ̧̬̘̩̠͎̐ͯ̋̿̕͝g̬͕͕̣̺̯̟̯̫̜̠̳̣̪͍͙̩̪͋̎̇̃ͮ̏̐́l̸̙̣̗̪͎̭̙̭͈̻̱̮̘͓̜̪͕ͤ̀ͧͨ͐͂̐͆͑̕ͅį̶̬̗̱̪̙̩̪̤͇̥͇̹̠̮͍̀̊͑̑͒ͅt̢̤͙͓̣̲͈̮̝̼̘͍̗̟̗̦̯͓ͩ̉͒͑ͨ̒͂́̕͜c̵̷̨̗̠̬͔͚̞͕̟̓̏̀͌ͤ̊̇̽̉ͮ̓̓ͤͥ̍̃͘͡ͅh̢͔̠͕̮̥̱̻̫̰̠̠̰̹̥̯̗ͬͤ̓͒ͪ͜͝



City-on-a-Hill-Landscape-photo-of-Legnaro-Italy - Copy

City-on-a-Hill-Landscape-photo-of-Legnaro-Italy - Copy - Copy - Copy City-on-a-Hill-Landscape-photo-of-Legnaro-Italy - Copy - Copy City-on-a-Hill-Landscape-photo-of-Legnaro-Italy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

Micro Project 5: Travelling


I think we’re all alone together. Stranger friends. Maybe. I don’t know. Everyone looks at everyone, without looking at anyone.

Strangers in a strange world.


This project is so much like GhostwalkingIts an interesting venture, I think everyone should give it a shot if they have time!

Jodi.org – I could stay here all day

When we think of programs and code, we think of near-perfect structures that function flawlessly.  In reality, programs and websites are far from flawless. Since they are made by humans, they are also capable of carrying human error. The art collective Jodi breaks down the various elements of websites and games to highlight the occurrence of glitches and create something new from these sources.

Jon Cates’ idea of dirty new media is that it isn’t perfect or clean, due to their very existence in the world:

… But also that there is a non-neutrality of techno-social artifacts and contexts, that our technologies are not neutral, also that they are embedded, they are part of our lives, and that embeddedness has the word “bed” in there, we’re in bed with them also, they’re embedded in ways that are complex. They are not sterile, they’re imperfect, they are not clean, because they exist in the world, which is also imperfect. And so, I do believe that dirty new media as a way of life and as an approach to art making is a way of foregrounding these facts, these realities, of our lived experiences, and acknowledging how situated we are with all of these systems, and artifacts.

Jon Cates 

Jodi is not just one site, it is a collection of various websites, each one a separate project doing different things. They attempt to use and modify sites and games in doing things that they were not originally designed to, to create glitch scenarios and share them with the world. One site creates random patterns using signs in Google Maps. Another site uses randomly generated ASCII art and JavaScript. They explore the limits of certain game engines, such as Max Payne 2’s game engine by modifying them to do different things outside their intended purpose by the developers. They explore combining videos that have the same tag on YouTube by playing them side by side. These sites are among many others that create something out of another’s work by breaking them down, or re-purposing them.

These works highlight the human limitation of machines. Whilst these sites and games work well for their purpose for the most part, taken to a different context and purpose, they react in a disjointed, confused manner. They are far from perfect. The potential and purpose of a program is limited to what a person makes it to be, and thus leaves a lot open to glitch about, which Jodi highlights.

In modern internet culture, most people actually enjoy glitches (so long as they aren’t game breaking), as seen with various YouTube channels such as cricken and motdef, and the popularity of games such as GTA, which was well known in its early days for the ridiculous cheats one could put in, causing cars to fly around and pedestrians having military-grade guns. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are well known for their buggy, yet hilarious launches, with physics being way off, and limbs splattering about everywhere. Most open world games are subject to tons of glitch interactions, due to the wide amount of things to do and limit in developer scope, which leads to interesting situations. Whilst these recent trends do not necessarily go about breaking down games into an abstract interactive form, I do feel that they capture the playfulness and the curiosity of Jodi in exploring the limits and quirks of technology.

I think Jodi is an amazing collective, featuring great modifications with games and sites, and highlighting the “organic” factor of machines. Machines are capable of so much greatness, but are ultimately creations of man, and are subject to the failings of men as well.