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Pearl Bank Apartments

Pearl Bank Apartments was built back in 1976, and was one of the first all-housing projects that the Housing and Development Board built from its Sale of Sites program. An iconic, thirty-eight story monolith that towers above its empty surroundings, it was a beacon of development and progress when it was first built. Now, it has struggled to keep up, with two attempted sales of the site garnering no interest. Its surroundings now being redeveloped, Pearl Bank Apartment stands as a reminder of Singapore’s past, which the country has slowly started to build over.

珍珠银公寓建早在1976年,并且是该屋发展局从销售站点方案建立了第一个全住宅项目之一。一个标志性的, 38层的巨石耸立高于空的环境,是发展和进步的灯塔初建时。现在,它一直在努力跟上,与网站赢得毫无兴趣两名试图销售。它的周围,现在正在重建,珍珠银公寓矗立,提醒新加坡的过去,该国已经慢慢开始建立了。