3D Assignment 1: Pandora’s Box


Hello. So the word I got was WEIGHT/MASS, and I interpreted in a way so that it can also mean WEIGHTLESSNESS

and here is my final! (before the edit)

Front view of original final

side view of original final

top view of original final

So this is how it looked before I had to change it! (sorry the photos look abit wonky because I placed it on the top, so the shadows are in the opposite direction)

The problem with it is that the Sub-dominant (the long piece on the bottom) is longer than the Dominant (clearly the bulky piece on top), so it sort of fights for attention with the D to be more dominant. So prof suggested for the SD to be made transparent so that SD will show the weightlessness more, and for it to be shortened (to be 2/3 of the current length). Unfortunately, I measured all the pieces to to 2/3 of each other already, (D to be 2/3 length of SD, SO to be 2/3 length of D) so to adjust to 2/3 length of SD would mean that it would be the same length as D. and my wood piece for D is restricted to that height/length because of the wooden block I bought, so I decided that photoshopping it would be that best option to reflect the new change!

Front view of edited final

Side view of edited final

bottom view of edited

The bottom piece I replaced with a box like structure I made from an acrylic board. Because of physical restriction aka I-don’t-have-acrylic-glue, I used clear tape to put it together? and it wasn’t stable enough so I placed another acrylic piece in the center running through the box so that it adds stability (initially it was supposed to be an X running through the box but when I was trying to saw a slot for it, it broke into two so I needed to come up with a back up plan)

Colour coded sketch model Yellow: Dominant Blue: Sub-dominant Red: Sub-ordinate

Thoughts: the struggle was mainly with the material itself? Not too familiar using such materials (ie wood and acrylic),  the last time using these were at least 4/5 years ago. It was pushing me out of my comfort zone, having to think about the physics of things (also haven’t touched physics since 4/5 years ago :’) )

Here are some of the fails!

My makeshift clamp system. My mom found it very amusing. (it took a full hour for me to get through it)

So I managed to saw it through, but managed to make it super uneven :’) alot of sandpapering was required

gif <- click to see my unsuccessful attempts to make the Sub-ordinate out of shiny paper to make it look like its floating!

oh well. Guess this project is over. Onto the next one, hopefully I don’t screw up! :’)

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