Alter Ego: Choose


For this Microproject, we were asked to express our alter ego. I imagine myself to be able to afford the time of day to choose which mode I want to live my life in, whether it is in black and white, in full colour or in slow motion. In my video, I explore my ability to take my time to choose what I want in life rather than just being forced into the life I lead now.

For this project, I know we are able to use sound to our advantage but in my case, I chose to use the lack of sound to express my point. When you are choosing something, you don’t necessarily want the extra voices in your head to affect your choice. Thus, I left sound out out this.

I chose to do a screen recording to show that maybe, in an alternate universe, humans  will be able to choose the mode they would like to live in on their own brain machine things.


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