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This Coway Air Purifier caught my attention. It is one of the air purifiers on sale in Courts, but the rest all looked quite bulky/bulbous. This one caught my eye because it has very clean and sleek lines and can easily blend into the living space, which is what you want a air purifier to be.

the other thing that caught ( or court. get it? ahha) is this SodaStream. This again is another sleek appliance that is completely unnecessary in the house. The use of the white and silver allows the appliance to look clean and futuristic in some sense.


Iina Vuorivirta: my chosen designer.

She is based in Sweden (duh.) Her designs are not the conventional flatpack furniture you would usually associate with Ikea but she has added a handmade touch to its products.

one of which is this limited edition collection of vases in 2017. This is a modern approach to the old technique of glass blowing, and by having the coloured glass and its streaks, there is a strong dynamic feel to it.


this is another one of her prototypes (not sure whether it made to production), and I like how she played with the use of modular forms to allow stacking of the objects to allow users to have multiples uses for one product.

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  1. Peer

    I think Coway Air is pure beauty…

    The SodaStream you ‘courted’ is a use less product. People buy it on whim most of the time.

    Vuorivirta is an interesting designer…

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