Foundation 4D Perspective Classwork


This is a one point perspective that I took of the hallway at B1. One point perspective makes the viewer focus on (usually) the middle, as the lines of the image lead back to the one central point.

Two point perspective of the table, two clear vanishing points on the left and right. Two point perspective makes the vanishing points end up at left and right ends of the image, which in a way makes the viewers pan across the entire image, rather than just focusing at one point unlike the one point perspective.


Three point perspective of the vending machine, three vanishing points. It adds more depth to the image..? yup. Worm’s eye view or eagle’s eye view.

The effect of using three point perspective gives it more of a dramatic effect. One work that reminds me of the three point perspective is Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still #58, where the three point perspective gives the lady in the image a more dramatic powerful feeling, which adds greatly to the mood of the work and helps to add to the purpose of the work.

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