Pandora’s Box (lesson 1 followup)


Soooo here is what I did for my 3D interesting object.I chose a facial sunscreen from Innisfree, mainly because of the very streamline and aesthetically pleasing bottle. There are lines of symmetry, and the combination of warm yellow and white chosen for the bottle makes it easy on the eye. I also like the small groove at the bottle of the cap, as it is both functional (easier to grip the cover to open) and is made to look streamline as well. Another thing I noticed is that the white cover is roughly  1/3 of the entire bottle, so it goes by the rule of thirds?

2D sketch of the bottle

 Moving on to Pandora’s Box! I got the phrase ‘Weight/Mass’ and I assumed that it could also mean the lack of weight and mass, which is something I took into consideration when creating the 3 structures.

2D sketch for structure 1

2D sketch for structure 2

2D sketch for structure 3

For all 3 of my structures, I decided to position the boxes so that only one box would need to be in contact with the table, and the other two sort of ‘float’ above the box, so that the structure can show the weightlessness. I found it interesting that I needed to take into account the width of the boxes when trying to put them together, if not I wouldn’t be able to achieve the D-SD-SO combination. Not sure whether my 3 structures have achieved it but I tried!!!

Yup. What else do I say.

Oh. I haven’t done technical drawings in a while so my lines are perpendicular with each other so forgive me, I’ll work on it!!!! :’) Oh well.

One thought on “Pandora’s Box (lesson 1 followup)

  1. Hi Jocelyn,

    Do add in the principal axis (in colour?) of the dominant volume in your 2D Sketch analysis & some images of the actual 3D Sketch Models with the corresponding viewpoints. Take care that the dimensions of D, SD & SO are differentiated. From what you’ve drawn, some lengths or widths look similar at certain angles.

    Interesting idea of playing with ” weightlessness”. Looking forward to seeing your Sketch Models in class tomorrow. 🙂

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