Telematic Embrace: Adobe Connect Experience


So this past week we tried using adobe connect in class! Adobe connect allowed us to be in the first space and third space at the same time, since we were doing the adobe connect activity in class, and we could see each other physically and virtually.

We completed little tasks that Randall Packer set for us: align your fingers with the person sitting next to you, form a cross across the screen, align your pens so that a line forms across the screen.

It was vital for everyone to in a way, negotiate with each other on the screen to allow this to work. We needed to gauge the distance away from the webcam, the angle in which we were pointing our objects to, the way we placed our objects. This was unspoken negotiation that we did mostly virtually: we didn’t actually communicate in the first space for this and our eyes were glued onto the screen so that we could see the other people. This was especially evident when one person’s laptop ran out of battery in the midst of the project, as she remained frozen on screen while the rest of us were still doing the activity. She looked (unfortunately) awkward in the midst of all of us engrossed in the class work because in a way she wasn’t able to negotiate since her laptop died. Obviously this isn’t done on purpose but it showed the importance of the negotiation that takes place in the third space.

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