Week One Reading Response


Designers should really take into consideration the user’s point of view when creating a product. Be it a door, a refrigerator or a technological product, the user experience is important when comes to creating a user-friendly product. In Don Norman’s book, he analysed that designers should incorporate principles of interactive design as much as possible when creating a product. Affordance, signifiers, constraints, mapping and feedback are the various aspects of design that the designers should consider when taking into consideration the user’s point of view. I feel that signifiers are the most important aspect that the designer should consider, as it is important to ‘signal’ to the user how to use the product, so that it becomes intuitive. The famous Norman door problem can easily be solved if the designers considered the signifier aspect when comes to creating a door that can be intuitive when to push or pull.

1. What are the psychological constraints that affect the design of intuitive products?
2. Is there a standardised model where designers can follow when creating user-centred design?