Project 1 – B&W Composition Cut-out

So we were given the task to come out with a 9 frame storyboard, using just black and white cut-outs to create texture, images, etc.

Remembering Grandma


A girl who grew up with her grandmother has this prominent memory of watching TV with her grandmother since young. She always sits by her grandmother’s side, watching her favourite TV shows. As time passes, she realised that her grandmother is slowly getting older and older as she grows up. She would visit her grandmother from time to time, and push her now wheelchair-bounded grandmother to see the sunset. One day, she received a phone call. Bad news. After hearing that her grandmother was hospitalised with critical condition, she rushed down to the hospital. She waited at the hospital anxiously, praying for the best for her grandmother. However, thing didn’t go well, and her grandmother passed away eventually. After the funeral service, she went back to her grandmother’s house and realised that the chair that her grandmother used to sit in was now empty, even though the TV is still playing as if nothing has happened. She realised that her grandmother would not be there to watch TV together with her anymore, but she knows that all these memories with her grandmother since childhood will forever have a place in her heart.


Grid 1



I place each of the elements in the grid according to the one-third rule; each element takes up one -third of the grid. To include texture, the hair of the grandmother is made using many small circles to create the curly hair texture. Furthermore, lines are used to emphasise that the TV is playing.


Grid 2


In this grid, I pop up the pages of the calendar to show time passing. This puts in some texture to the frame as well. It is arranged along a diagonal axis down from left to right, in a symmetrical form.


Grid 3


In this frame, the elements are aligned along a diagonal axis up from left to right. The sun is placed at the top right-hand corner, much smaller than the characters in the frame, to show the perspective that the sun is setting far away from the characters.


Grid 4




This frame is also aligned along a diagonal axis. The phone slipping of the hand onto the ground shows the devastation the girl is feeling after receiving bad news. To emphasize the bad news received from a phone call, I made the cracks on the phone popped up. The curved lines were added to show that the phone slipped down from the hand holding it.


Grid 5


In this grid, the hospital doors are made symmetrical, and I didn’t want the whole frame to be too centralised and thus made the pathway off central.


Grid 6


I aligned the elements in a symmetrical form, along the diagonal axis down from left to right. I didn’t add many features to this frame as I wanted the emptiness to show the girl’s emotions.


Grid 7


The elements in this frame are generally symmetrical along the vertical line cutting through the center of the frame. The pathway is leading towards a vanishing point which is the coffin. Similarly, the seats are also aligned with a vanishing  point towards the ‘horizon’, which is the black background in this case.


Grid 8


This frame is similar to Grid 1, except that the chair is now empty. I put the girl behind the chair to show that she is reminiscing the memories she had with her grandmother while watching TV together.


Grid 9


For the last frame, I place the characters in the center of the frame to emphasise the memory of the girl with her grandmother. The heart has a popped up border around it to show that these memories are kept in the girl’s heart. In this frame, all the elements are aligned symmetrically along the vertical axis cutting through the center, with the heart being white to show that the girl treasures these memries as a child.