Project 2 – Colour Still-Life Cut-Out

We were tasked to create a composition cut out using colours by recreating a still-life. We had to bring out the 3D objects, the shadows and the highlights using different colour concepts we learnt.


I used mainly triadic harmonic colours (red, blue and yellow) and a pair of complimentary colours (purple and yellow) in this composition. To recreate the 3D effect, the highlights and shadows of the still-life, I used analogous colours (of the main colours) to recreate those effects.

 img1473000911091-1 img_20160925_172337_hdr


I used tracing paper to replicate the photo onto an A4 paper, with details of which part is the shadow and which part is the highlights, etc.


In order to create the 3D effects of the tubes of paint like the one below, I made use of analogous shades of blue to create the highlights. At the spot where the light hits the tube the most, I used the lightest shade of blue to create the effect. Similarly, at the side of the tube where there is light reflecting but not as bright, I used a shade of blue that it in the middle. These helped to make the tubes of paint 3D from a 2D picture.


As for the photo frame, I crumpled the light purple paper before cutting it into the shape needed so as to create the texture as shown in the photo. The reflection of light on the table was also recreated by the same method, using analogous shades of brown. I used different shades of brown to portray the different shades of shadows made by the light coming from the window.


I positioned the window and the table in a one-third position, using a warmer colour (analogous shades of yellow) to bring out the scenery. The window panes are in analogous shades of blue, a cooler colour, but outside the window, I used yellow as light is coming from the outside and those should use a warmer tone. To show the light reflection off the glass panel of the ADM building outside the window, different shades of yellow are used.

 img_20160916_190023_hdr img_20160917_001916_hdr