Week 5 – Future World @ ArtScience Museum Reflection

Overall, TeamLab’s exhibit at the Art Science Museum was really an eye-opener. It was my first time at the exhibit, and I was really impressed by it. My first impression of the exhibit was futuristic. It really gave viewers space for imagination. We could see our design and drawings turn “alive” through technology. Our drawings were incorporated into a futuristic world shown on the screen, where it would move and live in the world. It really encourages viewers to use their imagination, and that nothing is deemed unfeasible. It really felt like a reminder that we have lost our creativity and imagination while growing up, and we shouldn’t let reality undermine these valuable creativity thoughts we had as a kid.

The next exhibit that amazed me was the Crystal Universe. It was an installation where we could walk through the ‘universe’ and experience all the different variations of the light display. It was really an inspiration for iLight. The installation gave a first-hand experience to view the lights and allowed us to create our own universe. Through a web application, we could decide the type of light display we wanted for the Crystal Universe. As an engineering student, I was amazed by the interaction provided to viewers through the web app and how they incorporated art and technology together to create such an interactive display.