3D Model Making

Failure. Lots of Failure. It started off trying to find the right kind of wood that could balance the SD. I settled for Basswood. Getting wood of the right size also proved equally challenging. I settled for ones with a similar surface area but shorter height. I would have to glue 2 pieces of wood together.


I sawed one piece of wood and glued the two together.


The quality was far from desirable. I had to file it down.


Wood dust from sanding

With that, the D was done.

Moving on to the SO. I bought a whole bunch of wire in hopes that I could fashion it into a spring- Don’t use wire to make springs. The material is just wrong for that purpose.


As a compromise, I bought pens so that I could use the springs to form the SO.


I foolishly tried using one piece as the SO, completely disregarding the fact that SD would be heavier. I soon realised my mistake.

File_000 (4)

I used multiple springs to create the above. This would have to embedded into the SD.

SD was supposed to be easy but proved to be the most challenging.


I used silicone putty to make a mould for epoxy to be the SD. After that, I had to fit the springs into the epoxy, but since the epoxy was still liquid, I needed to levitate the springs.

All was good until Wednesday when I realised that I had to start fitting all the pieces together on Thursday. The Epoxy was still liquid so I had to come up with a back-up. I used some resin that was recommended to me by the storeowner at the Hobby Shop (where I got Balsa wood for David). It would prove to be my saving grace. I made another putty mould for the resin to be fit in. Because the resin could only turn more malleable when put in hot water, I had to work fast to fit the springs inside before it hardened. It worked.

Resin, 30min of drying
Epoxy, 72 hours of drying

The epoxy did not dry in time so I used the resin instead. I might have messed up the proportions. I had to create a small hold in the basswood to fit the springs inside. I picked out the wood filing and carving tools for the first time.

File_004(1) File_003(1)

It might have looked a little rough but I thought it was good enough. I jammed the springs in and used hot glue to bind it all together. The final product:


The resin could definitely look neater but I think that this was an enlightening experience overall.

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