Angel In The Marble


Presentations were done so off we went taking photos for our OSS.


I’m reluctant to use photos of myself presenting because it really is just me standing near the whiteboard and talking; there was nothing that says that it was for project 1.

Looking at the “book” that I made, I felt that the book could have been smaller. It would have helped to make it feel more personal rather than looking sort of like a textbook.

I do think that the artistic statement is just a tad bit too wordy. I could have definitely compressed it to much less. Perhaps Michelangelo’s quote followed by the variation of that quote in my grandfather’s own words. That was a loss on my part. It would have definitely done a better job at setting the tone for this book.

All in all, I thought that this was quite successful for me. I did a studio-esque photo shoot for the first time. I bound my own book for the first time too. I’m not a great photographer, nor do I have a good eye for aesthetics but I feel that the narrative is a meaningful one.

I enjoyed myself.

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