18 Emotions

Prior to research on the 18 emotions, I tried my hand at mark making these emotions to see what would come out. Some worked and some didn’t.


And because some didn’t. It’s back to the drawing board. So with that I present to you- my chosen 18 emotions w/ visual references. The visual references are not just inspiration for what to draw but also for me to get into the headspace of the emotion.

  1. Dread: To face whatever lies ahead with great apprehension and reluctance. I am dreading having to deal with the next 17 emotions.
  2. Affection: A gentle feeling of fondness; the kind of love without expectations.
    steven u
  3. Exhilaration: A heart thumping, exciting, ride. No bet
    enter the void
  4. Nervous: Shaking with a sort of fear that everything will go wrong very soon. Usually goes away after the item which we are nervous about has passed.
  5. Patience: Calm and collected; unburdened. Enjoying the journey
  6. Impatience: Burdened by purpose. Rushing to get to the destination.
  7. Paranoia: Delusions of persecution and a general distrust of others; a form of illogical fear.
  8. Infatuation: Butterflies in your stomach; an overwhelming sensation in your chest.

    Ignore the ‘play’ sign
  9. Indifferent: The absence of emotion.
  10. Annoyed: Agitated and spiteful. Muted as compared to anger
  11. Calm: Peaceful; floating in the wind; one with nature.
  12. Dejected: Heartbroken, sad, feeling down and blue.
  13. Anxiety: Uncontrollably jittery panic; like your heart is crumbling and the walls are closing in around you.
  14. Lonely: Isolation from everything else.
  15. Sorrow: Losing willpower; sinking and drowning.
  16. Hopeless: Trying but, overwhelmed by everything, giving up. Consumed by despair.hopeless
  17. Rage: Wild, violent and usually short bursts of anger.
  18. Blissful: A state of calm and peaceful euphoria

Mark Making: Part I

For week 2’s mark making exercise, I came in with my tools and left all wits behind me.

Always use protection
As neat as it gets

IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4143

Getting off the ground, I experimented with the tools that I had to see what kind of marks they made. Following that, I just let my feelings guide my hand to create the following:

I feel that this piece has a lot of energy in it. Being the first piece that I worked on, I feel that it really shows.
I feel that this piece made too much use of whites on the white background. It feels lacking.

After my first two tries at mark making, I decided to try the linoleum board.

First adding a layer of black paint
Much focus, such paint
Experimenting with both the use of white and negative space

Again, with the first piece, there was a lot more of feeling than thoughtful actions. This is the result.

I don’t know why but there is something about this piece is so interesting to me. This is by far my favourite.

With my second try at the linoleum board, I tried to give this piece symmetry on the side while being completely asymmetrical in the middle. This is the result.


Looking back, I think there is something to this technique but the overall quality of the print on the linoleum board was lacking a point of interest. This could have been a lot better.

For my last piece, I did some more experimenting with ways to use my tools.

This one is a lot more controlled that the other pieces.

There is some order to this piece; more so than the rest. It feels strong and confident, with just a hint of a wild side. The process was insightful and I thought this turned out pretty decent.

To recap, always wear protection- because it’s gonna get messy.

The pieces that I loved the most were the ones where I just let myself go wild. I’m going to think about what kind of emotions my pieces convey. I believe that some of them will convey more than just one emotion to me. For next week, I will definitely need to bring in more mark making tools that what I have brought. Here’s a sneak peak: