Egoism – To make an omelette

You have to break a few eggs.

And break a some eggs, I did.

I wish that I had taken screenshots of my first try at working on the compositions, but I was really just trying out the pen tool in Illustrator.

As you can expect, it didn’t work out so well.

I worked on the Xmas composition first, thinking that because of the usual Xmas colours (Red, Green, White), I would not have to think about the colours so much. How Rong was I? I was so wrong.


There was something about it that just looked bad. I could tell, but I just didn’t know what. I approached The Kim Nguyen of G2 for advice.


She brought to my attention the use of colours as tones – something that we had learnt in Foundation Drawing while working with pastels.

She also showed me a couple of illustrations that she was inspired by and that got me thinking about illustrations that I liked – namely Steven Universe (A cartoon show). I chanced upon the artwork of one of the art directors of Steven Universe, Elle Michalka.

the-answer whoa whoa

With this newly acquired knowledge, I started working on the compositions, proper.

My first attempt at using a colour palette.

Using images from google as reference

A more successful attempt with a colour palette (in my opinion)

A great amount of time was spent making this tiny santa
Welcome to Palette Town.

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