End of Landscape

And a new beginning.

This film is entitled Josiah Tan’s Mr. Universe with the idea that he is my Mr. Universe. (Yeah it’s cheesy, let’s move on) He was my hero growing up because he was so strong. Mr. Universe is a title given to a bodybuilder who has won the the Mr. Universe Bodybuilding competition. Hence- connect the dots.

From the interview, I had him talk about his bodybuilding “career” from a couple of photos. In all honesty, I chose not to use footage of the interview because I had to hold the camera up (refer to the previous 4D post). I feel that the way the interview was done gave off the atmosphere that I wanted and it transitions well to the final scene.


Okay this is in the same post, but I came up with this version (the proper version). There was a soundbite of him talking about one of his gym buddies posing together near the old Cathay building. He talked about how his gym buddy won the the Mr. Hercules competition during the release of Hercules (1958 film). After listening to that, I decided to include that soundbite into the start of the film before introducing him as my Mr. Hercules. Because I show his face towards the end of that one scene, it allows the audience to see him as a regular person before seeing him as I see him.

Maybe this is the last version?

Who am I kidding. I have one more day. Post-production never ends until the deadline.

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