Mr. Hercules

This first one is one of the final edits but with the title as Josiah Tan’s Mr Hercules. In the intro, he talks so passionately about his friend being Mr. Hercules that I thought it was a good set up for the rest of the film, hopefully, being me passionately presenting┬áhim as my “Mr. Hercules”.

Using Josiah Tan’s Mr. Hercules was a little quirky so I tried to just put Mr. Hercules. The idea is for people to form the connection themselves. Hopefully this one works.

I tried shifting the timings for the title and credits, but I think I will stick to the first one. It also feels like the ending is abrupt. I need something to end the film. I am really hesitant to do a film dissolve- I’ll try to find some other way around it.

I am considering putting in a shot of my grandparents with my father and his siblings during the part where he talks about his family going to see him at the competition. Will draft it out and see how it goes from there.

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