Planar | Group A Begins

The model we worked with has a lot of curves which makes it challenging to create elements that stand out. As such, we will be focusing on one or two main elements and reimagining them.

Tisya and Jacelyn chose to focus on the Dominant curve, below.

Josiah chose to focus on the tunnel effect of the model and the strip that cuts the void into 1/3 & 2/3


With these fundamental ideas in mind, we brought our visions to life.


This model has a very nice tripod effect to it; the way it rests on three points, coupled with the placement of the SD and SO create a balanced feel to the model.


This model has a very nice overhanging D that creates an interesting void.


This model has a magical floating D, but would have been better if the SD was not perpendicular to the D.

While each model had their own merits, we agreed to work with Tisya’s model for material application. We could easily decide on specific materials to work with but for this project, we want to experiment.

We will be trying out different materials and methods to create our final model – Name to be confirmed.