Landscape of You | Changes

I decided to change the shots and feel of the film. It felt too much like I was working around with a found audio and that did not mesh with with the visuals. The damn laughter was disrupting the feel of the scene.

I interviewed my grandfather in hopes that something good will come out of it.

I faced many challenges in that it is not possible to get him to repeat lines in the way that certain documentary/corporate videos do. If I don’t have the camera already on him, I would miss certain soundbites that I just won’t ever get again. He does this thing where he talks as if he is narrating to someone instead of talking to me. It messes things up for me as I am trying to make this feel personal.

In my attempt to get the most natural soundbites, I have to face him; actually having a conversation with him. As a result, I can’t focus on the camerawork. Furthermore I don’t have a tripod and to add on, he keeps moving around. I have to hold the camera.

I might just use the audio from the footage which I feel was of decent quality, I feel.

In the post-production stage, I will having him talking over images/photos from his bodybuilding days ( I might cut to show him looking more plump and regular before cutting to him flexing his muscles in the garden).

I hope things work out.