3D Model Progress

After a couple of days of re-evaluating everything that I thought I knew about 3D, I came up with 2 entirely new models while improving on with the “spray bottle” model.

Model 1:

2ndModelFront1.1 2ndmodelSide1 2ndmodelTOP1

I thought it was interesting to see the D floating above ground from the SD as seen in the FRONT and SIDE view. That said, the SO piece is way too long and needs to be shaved off by so much more. I should also increase the thickness of the D and reduce the thickness of SD just slightly.

Model 2:

3rdmodelfront1 3rdmodelSide1 3rdmodelTOP1

The SO can hardly be seen from the front side. Currently it looks like there is one D and two SO. I have to increase the presence of the SD. It might also work better if I Increased the presence of the SO.

Model 3:

FinalModelFront1 FinalmodelSide1 FinalModeTop1

I have improved on this model from the last time, adding more presence to the SD. The SO can now be seen from the top too.

I will post the 2D sketch analyses of the models to improve on them in the future.

3D Model Initial models

Model 1:


I thought that it would have been interesting if the SD and SO cradled the D. However, the result was multiple elements with similar thickness. Other than adjusting the thickness of the pieces, I adjust the SD so that it does not run parallel to the D.

Model 2


In this model, I wanted to have a larger SD piece and instead making use of voids to give the D more presence. To make this work, I would still have to make the D bigger. Just like in model 1, the SD run parallel to D. This time, the SD is around the halfway mark of the D. It might look more interesting if it was smaller and was closer to 1/3 of D.

Model 3:


I feel that model 3 is the most interesting because it works and it floats and the SD brings balance to the model. I could improve this by creating a bigger emphasis of the SD because the height looks similar to the SO. The SO cannot be seen from the top view so I could make it a little wider so that it can be see from being wedged in the D.