Curves and Endurance

In which the featured image was not shamelessly taken from the internet.

Curvilinear Volumes has been challenging for me so far. Simply for the fact that I am not that great with the foam cutter. It has been frustrating trying to make the foam models that I envision. I don’t mean to complain, but that’s just how it has been. Understanding visual hierarchy is only a tiny fraction of the troubles in the transition from rectilinear to curvilinear volumes.

Nevertheless, the foam models emerged.

My neighbour
The light cannon
Atlas: The Titan

Of the three, I liked the Atlas: The Titan and My Neighbour. I decided to work with Atlas as my final model. In my opinion, it has the most potential.

Atlas: The Titan was eternally condemned to stand on the Western side of Gaea (Earth) holding the heavens on his shoulders. Atlas was also the Titan god of Endurance – A characteristic that I need so much more of.

I am strong. I can do this. I am become Atlas.

I will work on the 2D sketch analyses on The Light Cannon and My Neighbour, and fix up a proper final model for Atlas.