The Tote Bag.

We printed our chosen composition on A4 transparency so that it be used for the whole silkscreen thing.


Bam. In the flesh. We then did the blue chemical thing on the silkscreen in the dark room.


You have to coat it evenly on both sides if you want the exposure to be done nicely.

Definitely not wasting time inside the dark room.

After the blue chemical thing dries, you tape your transparency onto the silkscreen.

Place the ink side of the transparency onto the outer side of the silkscreen; that is to say, the side without the wood block.

Now do the exposure thing.


After you do that, you have a piece of silkscreen that is still covered blue. Of course it’s still covered blue. You have to wash it off with a water jet, silly.

Also, silly me, I did not record the water jet process.                haha.

Now that you have your silkscreen print. You can apply ink and squeegee the ink onto whatever surface you want; even your face.

Don’t forget to tape up any excess exposed parts with tape (especially the edges. Then place a coin on all four edges of the wood. This gives you a better print. I don’t know. The elevation helps.


I did all this knowing that I would redo. I just wanted to see how it would turn out. I wanted to redo mine because this was too small and I liked ‘The dude abides’ better. So I rushed off to the printing shop at North Spine and printed again.

In the flesh

So back to doing all that again. Also, this time I recorded the process of washing away the exposed bits. (SFW)

img_4949 img_4956 img_4973

I then tried inking it out on paper a couple of times


Do or die. Okay, I died a little, but here are the tote bags!

img_4988 img_4989

They aren’t the best in terms of quality, but they are okay. It’s okay.

I also managed to sell one of them off for $8.

$3 for the tote bag. Not bad, I bought myself lunch.

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