When You Try Your Best

But you don’t succeed.


When you get what you want // but not what you need.


Long story short, it doesn’t work. I bought hard parmesan cheese in the hopes that it would stay together when trying to wedge a wafer in. It crumbled.

The wafer was no help either. I thought that the wafer, being light, would be manageable for the cheese. I was wrong.

I couldn’t even get the grape in because the first part would not work.

I then collapsed on the floor in exhaustion next to the wafer crumbled cheese.

I tried.

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One thought on “When You Try Your Best”

  1. I know that feeling Josiah! Same thing happened when I tried wedging a paper lantern on a mooncake and piercing a pokkey stick into a giant orange …. luckily for me it sort of worked long enough for a quick snapshot … nearly used up an entire box of pokkey sticks before I got the right ‘look’.  At least there are no regrets for not trying… 🙂

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