Artist Selection – Sound art, Zul Mahmod

For the Hyperessay, I decided to go with some local flavour.

In order to know the history of interaction design / interactive media, why not first know about those in your own little dot.

Zul Mahmod is a sound artist that focuses on making objects that produces sound as art.

SONICconversation, 2017

He is at the forefront of this sub-genre in art making and is considered one of Singapore’s best in Sound art due to his research and collaborations in site-specific sound installations and sound with 3-D forms.

Zul Mahmod was also the commissioned artist of the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 for the Singapore Pavilion.

Zul Mahmod’s work falls within the work of Immersion and it is very evident if you view his work at Mapletree Business Park linkway. It’s is an immersive walk way filled with Zul’s sounds made from programming of the pipes and through the speakers.


History of Design – First Post?!

If we were talk about the history of design, I would think it came from the age of the Roman Empire where the design of column and pillars are not just for aesthetic pleasure but for the stability of their architecture.

Image result for roman arches
Taken from

While it was not formally design, the act of problem-solving and coming up with a designed solution for the problems of these stability issues, are aspects of design.