Type in the wildddddddddd

Found these on a day I was on my night run.

The Mall Museum title is Modern Style Serif due to the lack of bracketed serifs
Popeyes logo type is an altered grotesque sans serif
Found this at McDonalds, the rustic typeface is a textures geometric sans serif due to its squarish look.
STENCIL TEXT!!! very common geometric sans serif signage in stencil mode
The Heigh clearance signage looks abit rounded but still very uniformed. Grotesque Sans serif
Looks rounded but not too angular, grotesque sans serif?
A very rounded slab serif
Humanist Sans Serif

For an existing Instagram looking for type in the wild :



Zul Mahmod – Dialog

DIALOG, 2016

Esplanade Passageway, Singapore, 2016

Solenoids, microcontrollers,  copper pipes, electromagnets

I think that this artwork is an immersive art work as it is affected by the sound made during the echos of the passageway by different viewers. It is subjective to each audience experience as a different sound produced by the audience would affect the sound produced by the work.