My Line is Emo

Concluding the project, I was really glad that most of my classmates appreciated my work and understood my concept. I was glad that many people understood my layering process and ideology and was intrigued by my methods.

Recapping from my instructor’s feedback in which she liked the exploration of the black background and appreciated my exploration of various line work, however I needed to explore different papers. I understood her point of view but I do stand firm that I liked the consistency of the papers.

Moving forward, I think for future work, I could continue using layering and texturing for my image making and to consult my tutor if I do have ideas before it’s too late. I could also come out with more drafts and not be too emotionally entangled with the drafts so that I can let them go and redo a cleaner and more refined version of the work.

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Jenson Gabriel Tan

I like to research on textiles, fashion, gender and fiction.

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