My OSS Moodboard? Or something.

My word map is Fresh, Critical, Contrast

Malika Favre MoreImage creation: template. design. criação. inspiração. portfólio. ideia.Auri Sacra Fames. by Anthony Neil Dart, via Behance

Secret Societ gig postersbrigade__cynophile

The Rodina – graphic design & code — vampire supermodernism graphic designNew Wave Design | Critical Studies

I like the playful overtly critical nature of this poster. It brings a humor to the self critical nature of design. I could see an adaptation of this in a portfolio with a little playful humor.No automatic alt text available.

The visual exploration I want to undertake from the mood board is to show contrasting school of thoughts in graphic design. Some people are more inclined towards the cutesy, some people are more inclined toward the clean, and some are more inclined to the critical and I want to find a way to marry these schools. Because that is how I feel Singapore Design Week should be, showcasing different school of thoughts within graphic design.

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