Art Science Museum Visit

Corrine Mauriad FAKE|REAL ME Lightbox Photograph


The initial impression of the work would be that it would be about Asian beauty stereotypes. I think it leaves a curious taste in the viewers palette as South Korea is known for its plastic surgery. I think the artist is curious about the beauty standards. While these 3 women are inherently different from one another, they have chosen a common beauty denominator to look a like. I think the first reaction to see through this was that the three women had different facial shapes, something that people who go through plastic surgery would commonly not alter and it reflects back to the Korean Wave that had hit internationally with the celebrities looking alike. The use of lightbox photography was a clever medium. It highlights the “perfect” look like an illuminated wanted poster.

I think after reading the text, it didn’t sway me much as it was very similar to what I had thought initially. I think that those who had prior knowledge about the culture in S. Korea would get this work immediately, but those who did not would require text to assist. Overall, I think it didn’t require as much resolution in the communication.

Jaemin Park When We All Live to 150 Mixed Media Installation

I think when I first saw the work, I thought it was just a family tree to depict genealogy. I did not associate it with lifespan or about old age until I saw the secondary images and read more about the work. I thought it had a tongue in cheek quality and a parody of genes. This was due to the common usage of Family Trees to depict genes and heredity. This was a creative use of multiple mediums from photography to a large format poster to a small booklet to augment the idea of a brochure to a longer lifespan.

After understanding the work, it did not relate to my initial perception of the work. This was because the work was in fact an imagination of the world if the life expectancy would be moved to 150. I think this might be a challenge to resolve. It could be a curatorial issue. I might present the photographs first before the family tree and brochure.