Home – Last Dinner (BTS)

最后的晚餐 (Last Dinner)


For me home represents the idea of a family. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, the idea of tough on the outside but soft on the inside is something that I personally grew up with. I do not hate or dislike my family and there isn’t any conflicts or whatsoever, it is just that we are not close and we do not express the love like how westerners can casually express theirs. Hence in my film, I wanted to portray the idea that no matter what happens, family is always family.  No matter how distant you are from one another, the sense of longing and care for each other will always be there. Hence I wanted to express this love that is not commonly expressed in a typical Asian family through my film.


My main source of inspiration came from the movie YiYi by Edward Yang. His style of work is something that I really like and admire because he uses minimal camera techniques while focusing mainly on the acting and the story itself through the simple shots and long takes.




An estranged pair of father and son who struggles to express their love for each other finally spends some time together over one last dinner.


Growing up, Jia Jun has always been not close to his father, Ah Hock. As Jia Jun grows up, his mother passed away and his relationship with his father became estranged.  Due to work, they spend very little time with each other, hardly even have the time for a mere dinner at home. Eventually they became distant from each other and rarely spoke with each other. They became mere strangers despite living under the same roof.

One night, they finally decide to have a dinner together. However, the first dinner after a very long time is also the last dinner they are going to have. During the dinner, Jia Jun breaks the news to Ah Hock that he is leaving home to work overseas for the next 5 years.


Behind the scene:


This whole final assignment was actually very stressful for me because I was consistently stuck in the pre-production phase. I was indecisive with my story because I was not confident with executing them. I kept wanting to write a story with a character arc rather than focusing on just writing a story that I can express myself. This realization took me sometime and hence the delay for my production where I had to film it one week before submission.

During the production stages, there were also a lot of things I had to settle and liaise with to ensure that the production goes smoothly. Because of practicality, I wanted to make this film with the resources I have and most importantly not spending too much money with it. Therefore for the actors, I got my father and my friend to help me act. For the location, I borrowed my Uncle’s Neighbour’s house which was the same as the house I used for my 7 shots.

It was quite nervous and daunting to be directing in my first short film, working with a crew and working with more “advance” equipments that I am not used to. When you are the director, it is very stressful because all eyes are on you. And during the shoot you must always know what you want and constantly follow up what you want to do. During the shoot, I also had to adapt with different situations and change the shots that I had originally had in mind while still ensuring that the film will flow smoothly during the editing phase. Although it was really stressful but it was rewarding when you hear the words “It’s a wrap!”.

Hopefully, my film conveyed the emotions and thoughts that I wanted to convey. 😀

Group Photo:


7 Shots Assignment: Seen and Unseen

Seen & Unseen 


For this first assignment, we were required to play with 7 frames/shot to create a short film. The limitation of 7 frames to tell a story is very challenging as I had to choose my shots wisely and be as effective as I can. Since I had only 7 frames to play with, I decided to keep this short film as simple as I could.


I always believe that everyone has a hidden side to them that nobody knows. The hidden side could be a positive or a negative one. Loneliness is a one of those hidden which I feel is able to convey a very strong emotion in the simplest of ways.

I decided to use a birthday party because it has the presumption that it is a happy and joyous occasion hence I can make use of this known element to help me tell my story.

Seen – A birthday celebration party (presumption of a birthday party is that it should be a joyous occasion/ a happy social occasion/ there will be people celebrating/ celebration for someone else)

Unseen – The loneliness of a man in his 30s. (Celebrating by himself)


As I had mentioned before, I really like Spike Jonze’s film and work, especially his way of portraying the idea of loneliness. Below are some references I watched to help me come out with my framing and the techniques to bring out the idea of loneliness.



To bring out the idea of loneliness, I purposely kept the setting simple and clean. Hence during the production, I had to move and relocated certain items like the furniture and plants to create the perfect “home” for the character.

Frames & Framing:

  • Create a simple and lonely feel/ idea
  • Keep the character small if possible
  • First 4 shots use to establish the idea of a birthday party (Slight cheerful mood/feel)
  • Shot 5 & shot 6 used as a transition (Neutral)
  • Shot 7 Final reveal (Lonely + lonely)

Frame 1:

The character returns home and he is seen holding a cake and a bag full of items. In this shot, apart from showing him returning, I also gave slight hints of his loneliness by making the steps below the door clear of shoes and only his pair of shoes can be seen. This is to highlight that he is staying alone.

Frame 2:

The second frame is a cut in shot linking from the first frame where it shows the character opening the door. The focus of this frame is to drive the audience’s attention to the cake box and the bag he is holding to let the audience infer slightly that there is a celebration or a party. Another point to note was that I added the line “我回来了” into this frame to create this fake idea to the audience that the character is not living alone or that he is expecting somebody.

Frame 3 + Frame 4:

The character unpacks the mystery bag of items he was seen holding in frames 1 and 2. As he slowly unpacks, the bag in frame 3, birthday decorations and props can be seen. And in frame 4, the character pins up the Happy Birthday decoration on the wall. Overall idea for these 2 frames is to establish the notion that he is indeed setting up a birthday party/celebration.

Frame 5:

The character watches the TV, and he switches it off, stands up and opens the door. He stands by the door watching/ anticipating for somebody’s arrival. As the man switches of the TV, it gives the idea that something is about to happen, perhaps the start of the birthday party? He stands by the door and looks out, as if he is expecting people. However, the feeling of a familiar disappointment can be felt when he closes the door as if he already knew that no one is coming. This frame is crucial because it is the transition to the reveal towards the end.

Frame 6:

Character lights up the candle while his voice lingers in the darkness singing a birthday song for himself. There isn’t any birthday party at all. Just a birthday for a lonely man.

Frame 7:

Character sits by the sofa, in the dark while staring blankly watching the candle burn. Loneliness is revealed as the camera zooms out. The unseen element of a birthday celebrated alone is painted in this frame. He does not want the candle to burn hence he sits there staring and contemplating about the lonely life that he is unable to fix.  Eventually, realizing that he is indeed lonely, he reluctantly blows out the candle. By blowing out the candle, it also symbolizes him accepting his lonely fate and also the temporary happiness he rarely feels.


This assignment was definitely an eye-opener for me because I had never really done anything like this before. This assignment was also really draining because I constantly had to think of ideas, thinking of ways to tell my stories effectively with limited frames, resources and knowledge. But it is rewarding because I learnt a lot from this experience, increasing my thought processes and also the technical aspects of film-making.  Initially, I was stuck at the idea part for very long and had to change my idea for several time before deciding on the birthday idea. I also had the bad habit of planning too much and leave very time for execution, hence I will try to improve on this for my next assignment. But it is satisfying to see how the end result turned out.




My subject is money. I love money and I want more money because I am spending too much money.


I want all that money


Give me some of that money
Glorified money
My God of Prosperity
Drowning in Money

In this assignment, I tried to experiment with the use of lighting because I have never really played with this element before. I thought it would be quite cool to use it as it can help me to create a certain focus and idea to my subject.

This assignment was quite tricky cause I chose an inanimate object hence for most of my images I had to play with the use of an additional subject. Besides because most of my images were captured in really dark places therefore it was really hard to master the perfect settings for my camera to capture the shots.

Interactive Storytelling: GWEN (Final)

 The Experience


Video Recordings

Audio Recordings

Music in MP3 Player


Audio Editing

Behind the Scenes

Installation by: Jun Ming, Jia Jun, Nok Wan

Project 3: Ego (Process + Final)

Episode 2

Based on the mindmap i did in the previous episode, I picked out 4 things that describe me.

  • Alien/ My fascination with space and astronomy
  • Aventurous/ Travelling/ Exploring
  • Passion in film-making/ Imaginative
  • Loves to laugh/ Spreading happiness


*These are just the initial planning of sketches. Changes of the sketches are made after consultation and personal exploration.


While looking through different ways of doing vintage surreal collage, I stumbled upon some very useful websites and videos that can help me with my work.


Eugenia Loli who is one of my reference artists has a website where she teaches people the basic steps of making these collages.

These are some tutorials I found on Youtube that helped me with my collage.

The best of the best websites I found were websites that contained a compiled list of high quality vintage images that we can download and use to create the collages.




Strip 1: 

For the first panel, I picked out horse to represent me because horses travel far and wide, making adventures of their own. For me I want to be like a horse, being able to roam everywhere and seek my own adventures. I used analogous colours, blue, green and white to bring out the serenity and peaceful feeling when I make my own adventures.

The setting I have picked out is the iconic empire state building. Standing tall and high in New York City.

Because I am adventurous, instead of taking the lift up to the top of the building, I will run up the side of the wall of the building, seeking my form of thrills and adventure. I placed the white horse at the center and darken the other spaces so that the visual dominance and focus is placed on the horse itself.

Strip 2: 

Even since I was young, I was always fascinated with space and astronomy stuff. Things like the galaxies and aliens always excites me and it was even my ambition to become an astronaut when I was young. For the first composition, I  added space elements that I like and revolves these elements around the musuclar man (Me). For the colour wise, I played with the Triadic colour scheme by using blue, red, yellow and white. I really like the background because it contrast with the elements at the center making everything pop out. P.s. Inspired from the NASA Logo.

For this composition I played with complementary colours Green and Pink with a dark background. This combination helps to make the composition stand out. I chose a pink planet to show the fantasy and dreamy ideas.

Isn’t it cool to be able to go on a date in outer space??? The pink lake links back to the pink planet you see in the second composition of this strip. I tried playing with different backgrounds of different colours but in the end I chose this because it contrasts well with the pink lake and is pleasing to look at.

Strip 3:

I love making people laugh and spreading happiness makes myself happy. To represent this side of me, I think the best way to show it is to bring in the iconic character, MR BEAN!!! Sunflowers are used to represent cheerfulness. I use the combination of yellow sunflowers and red background to further emphasize the liveliness and joy in me.

My initial idea for this was to show a setting of a cemetery, but because the style I was going for was surrealist collage style, I was stuck for awhile for this portion because i do not know how to show the cemetery settings. I decided to change it up abit and reference Julia Geiser’s collage style and decided to try the “head manipulation technique”. I cut the frankenstein head into half and added famous dead people that we all know of. Besides, I used monochromatic colour scheme of black, grey and white to give it a dead and dull look.

For the third composition I also used the same technique of collage. In this composition, all the dead comes back to life as shown in the change from monotone to colours. The dead appears to come out of my head which is filled with Sunflowers. And as they come back to life, they began to dance with joy. I use a neutral pastel background so that it does not overpower the focus on Mr Bean’s head.

Strip 4:

I have a strong passion in film and I am quite an imaginative person (humble) and I always tend to try to think outside of the box and do something different. Hence I came out with a simple composition of a man and a camera on my head to represent the imaginative side of me when I look through the lens of a camera.

And as I walk through a boring while looking through the lens of my camera,my imagination begins to run wild as I turn the boring city into something interesting by seeing a Godzilla tearing the city apart. The third composition is the extension of the second composition as the view pans upward. I tried playing with negative spaces by outlining the shape of the Godzilla with different buildings. I used the analogous colour scheme of Yellow, green and light green for all 3 compositions for this strip. By keeping it consistent it also help me better to tell a linear narration. i purposely chose a combination of lighter colours as the darker colours looked too harsh and was unable to bring out the Godzilla shape that I wanted.


This project got me quite stressed initially because I was unsure of which styles or techniques to approach because I was not confident of doing any of them. Besides when I was doing my first strip, I got frustrated with myself because I spent hours and hours on the single strip but was unable to get what I wanted. And also, it was really annoying because it was really hard for me to look for pictures that fit perfectly and the pictures that had the right colours in them. However, as I slowly progress, I started to get the hang of doing as I begin to do it with the mentality of “just try & learn”. I definitely learnt a lot more skills on photoshop and was even better than I was 13 weeks ago. 2D really made me see everything differently now as the design elements ideas constantly get stuck in my head wherever I go.


Project 3: Ego (Research)

Episode 1

For this last assignment for 2D, we were required to come up with 4 x 3 panels to describe ourselves. This is similar to the previous assignment, except this time we need to come up with 12 instead of 4 compositions. Besides that, this time round we will have to play with elements of colours and its different combinations.


Before starting, I need to think of the various personalities, characteristics or things that describes me.


Because I am not really confident with doing illustration or using traditional methods I decided to approach collage style for this assignment. One style i really like is the vintage surreal collage style.

  • Karen Lynch

Karen lynch uses vintage pictures and piece them up together creating a vibrant surrealist collage which I really like. Her collages style mainly focuses on creating imaginative settings by layering different images together.

  • Eugenia Loli

Similar to Karen Lynch, Eugenia Loli also does Surreal Collages. Her collages really wows me because they are so creative. She is able to find the correct moments to piece with the correct settings creating a really fun and amazing compositions.

  • Julia Geiser

Another surreal collage artist is Julia Geiser where most of her collage involves a person. She creates a surrealist composition by slicing and dividing the body parts and adding different images to it. Although it looks creepy, but I think this is an interesting style to show the me portion.


Playing with different colour combinations can help to make your composition stand out and make them pleasing to look at. Below are some examples on the different ways we can play with the colours.


Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints.


Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered complementary.


Analogous color schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

Split Complmentary

The split-complementary color scheme is a variation of the complementary color scheme. In addition to the base color, it uses the two colors adjacent to its complement.



A triadic color scheme uses colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel.

Reference from: http://www.tigercolor.com/color-lab/color-theory/color-theory-intro.htm

Foundation 4D: Interactive Storytelling (Proposal)




The installation follows the story of a little girl name Gwen. Gwen was born without a father and was raised solely by her mother, Jasmine. And when she was 12 years old, her mother re-married to Kevin and both of them moved in with him. Kevin is semi-alcoholic and has violent tendencies and these are shown through his abusive actions towards both Gwen and Jasmine. At the age of 13 years old, her mother passed away due to sickness, leaving Gwen with Kevin became depressed and became more aggressive towards Gwen. He became bipolar and was unpredictable in his beatings and scoldings. He even threatened Gwen that if she tells anyone, he will beat her… Gwen was afraid to seek help, she had no one of authority to help her. Gwen is lonely and helpless, she became a victim, a victim of child abuse… After several months of abuse, Gwen had enough as she plans an escape, an escape out of this nightmare. 


The interactive installation follows the experience of a victim of child abuse. Audience put themselves in the perspective of the child and follows her story.  The installation will be placed  in a dark room. In the dark room, the fort is lit up, hence symbolizing a place of comfort and warmth in the midst of darkness.

Sequence of event:

Projector scene –> Tunnel leading to main fort –> Main fort

Emotions to evoke:

  • Fear
  • Trauma
  • Sympathy
  • Helplessness
  • Loneliness

Projector Scene:

  1. At the entrance, the audience will be shown a clip of a portrait shot of Gwen and Kevin through the projector.  In the clip, Kevin is constantly abusing Gwen both verbally and physically and also showing’s Gwen’s emotions as she undergoes the abuse.  The clip will be played in loop and will be in black and white and in slow motion. Providing audience a preview of what is the installation about.



E.g. Film for Greg from “Me and Earl and the Dying girl”

Tunnel leading to fort:

The tunnel helps to provide a sense of time and help us to sequence the experience as a whole from happy to sad – the unfolding of the child’s life and story. (A brief background of her life)

  1. The audience will first enter the tunnel that leads to the main fort.
  2. As the audience enters the fort, they enter the personal space of Gwen.
  3. In the tunnel, the first thing the audience will see is the pictures of Gwen and her mother, Jasmine. (To establish the understanding that Gwen is raised by a single parent, Jasmine)
  4. Single pages of journal will be placed to provide a narration to her story. (The story should flow from a happy mood to a sad mood)
  5. Next thing the audience will see picture of Gwen, Jasmine and Kevin together. (Establish that Gwen and Jasmine moved in with Kevin)
  6. Voices of Kevin’s violent actions and quarrels with Jasmine will be heard. (Bring in Kevin’s violent tendencies)
  7. The audience will then see a black and white picture of Jasmine within a frame with white lilies. / The audience will see a the same picture of Gwen and Jasmine from point 3. However, in the picture, Jasmine’s face is faded and the picture is black and white. (Jasmine passed away)

Main fort:

In the main fort, audience will interact with various objects belonging to Gwen, allowing the audience to empathize with her situation and slowly piece her runaway story together.

  1. Torn family picture of Gwen and Kevin suggesting the dislike she has to Kevin.
  2. Teddy bear with slashes at the back. (A way for Gwen to build up her buildup frustration)
  3. Mp3 player with ear piece (Emphasis on her loneliness, and her way of escape from Kevin’s violent tendencies)
  4. Picture Journal of stickmans depicting the violence at home (Inability of her to put her experience in words)
  5. Sounds of Kevin abusing her can be heard from outside. (To show the trauma she’s facing)
  6. Camcorder story telling of her situation. Similar to using journal. (Further emphasis of loneliness and helplessness). Reference from lonelygirl15.
  7. Changing the perception of a warm and comforting place to a depressing place (Slight Plot Twist) → Evoke sympathy towards Gwen.
  8. Journal entries to document her runaway plan and also her daily abuse.
  9. Vlogs of Gwen talking about her daily abuse through the camcorder → Create an intimacy between Gwen and the audience → Loneliness and helplessness felt by Gwen.  The vlogs will also document her runaway plan.
  10. The last vlog of Gwen’s, she revealed her anger and ended off with “I had enough!”.
  11. As the audience leaves and exits the room with the question behind their heads


Objects for Projector:

  • Black and white projection of Kevin abusing Gwen
  • Black and white projection of Gwen taking the abuse
  • Projector
  • Music (The big ship by Brian Eno)

Objects in Tunnel/Fort:

  • Photographs: Kevin’s face scribbled away
  • Photoframe: picture of passing of mother
  • Torn pages of journal: for narration of story
  • White lilies: symbolises death
  • Picture Journal: stickman doodles illustrating how Kevin abuse her
  • Teddy Bear: 1 side in good condition, the other all cut up
  • Mp3 player with earpiece
  • Camcorder
  • Portable Speaker
  • Lamp: light up the fort
  • Colour Filter: to be placed at the front of the lamp
  • Pillows: create a sense of comfort


  • Fairy lights: wrapped around the fort
  • Cardboard boxes: fort/tunnel building
  • Trash bags: block out light from windows
  • Projector: vlogs projection
  • Clothing Pegs, Bedsheets, Chairs, Pins: fort building
  • Portable Speaker
  • Trashbags: Cover windows


    • Dark Room
    • Art 02-23


Room layout
Main fort sketch







Lonelygirl15 – The main character in the vlog series started vlogging in her bedroom about her personal life, her best friend, Daniel and her conflicts with her parents. Eventually revealed that Bree was a member of a secretive religion, recognized as the fictional Hymn of One. Her vlogs also revealed that the Hymn of One is a powerful society who want the Trait positive blood of young girls like Bree, propelled them further into a journey of a dark adventure.

How we tie back closely to our project – whereby the child abuse victim, Jane, started vlogging as well. Day by day slowly revealing her misery life of being a child abuse victim. Her vlogs are mostly on accounts of her unable to reach out to anyone for help.

ReMoved – Follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.

“Trapped in the misery of my life,

 Lost in the sorrow of my soul,

 Unable to see the light.”

Other reference:


Child Abuse:

  • Child Abuse can be physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual.
  • Children who are abused are often afraid to complain because they are fearful that they will be blamed or that no one will believe them.

Some Reasons for Child Abuse:

  • Young, single non-biological parents.
  • Family disorganization, dissolution, and violence, including intimate partner violence.
  • Poverty and other socioeconomic disadvantages, such as unemployment.
  • Parental stress and distress, including depression or other mental health conditions.

Child Abuse Killings:

  • Children going through adolescence need the support of parents, who must give them room to grow and help them confront tough issues. Those who commit parricide have parents who have not been available to help them.
  • One reason why child abuse killing happened is due to the severely abused child who is pushed beyond his or her limits.
  • Analysis revealed that the six adolescents who fit the profile of the severely abused child had approached life fairly passively until the homicide.
  • They kill only when they feel that no one is there to help them.
  • The youths killed a parent or parents in response to a perception of being trapped.

Child Abuse Run Away:


Accounts of Child Abuse:

– Got hit on the head with severe items  phone, cane, belt

– Blasted water straight to the face.

– Caned everywhere

– Did not want to tell his parents as in fear of getting more physical abuse      by the helper. (being threatened)

  • NSPCC: Stories from survivors of child abuse


  • Provides refuge from the outside world
  • Providing the child his personal space
  • Promotes imagination and creativity
  • Small space provides a sense of comfort and security



Assignment 2: Memories and Goodbyes

Memories & Goodbyes

Done by: Jing Yi, Jia Ying and Jun Ming

Brief Description: A piece of memory shared between a boy and a girl.

Plot: A boy falls in love with a girl. Their relationship developed through various pieces of shared memories. However, at the peak of their relationship, the boy has to leave the girl as he travels overseas. Although the boy left the girl, the girl still anticipates for his return. As time passes, the girl eventually moved on with her life and forgot about the boy. One day, the girl received a post paid letter from the boy – a letter of memories and sadness.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Coming of Age

The Process:

Initially, we had a different idea to our story and had already completed Task 1 for this assignment. However,  while editing for Task 2 we discovered that we had a lot of missing visual parts for our story and our stories were not flowing well.

Images from Draft #1
Images from Draft #1
Images from Draft #1
Images from Draft #1

Some of the problems we faced initially were the undecided story plots and unclear story boards. Therefore, after our consultation, we re-plot our story and make sure we confirm all the camera shots and angles we are going to use in our story boards so that we will not face the same problems we had previously.

Storyboard #1
Storyboard #2
Storyboard #3



Added Missing Parts #1
Added Missing Parts #2
Added Missing Parts #3
Added Missing Parts #4

After adding in the missing parts, our story connects better.


Colour: Warm colours were used to represent the happy memories while dull colours were used to represent sad memories. The different colouring of the images can be seen in order as it follows the mood of the story plot. To show that some of the images are memories of the past, I purposely edited these images by adding vignette and highlights to show a dreamy setting/ memories.

Dreamy setting
Dreamy Setting

Story: Present –> Past –> Past –> Present

Mood: Neutral (Acceptance) –> Happy –> Sad –> Neutral (Acceptance/ Closure)

Colour: Neutral –> Warm –> Dull –> Neutral

Warm (Happy)
Warm (Happy)
Dull (Sad)
Dull (Sad)

Camera Shots Technique: 

Similar Shots – The use of similar shots help us to convey the idea of memories. By using similar shots with different costumes and actions it establishes the idea that time has pass which is one of the element of our story.

Similar Shots #1
Similar Shot #1
Similar Shots #2
Similar Shots #2

Wide angle to Closed up shots: Wide angle shots show spaces especially when only 1 or 2 characters are in the frame. The spaces can create the feeling of anticipation and loneliness. Anticipation can be seen scenes when they are meeting each other and loneliness can be seen when the girl is reading the letter the boy left for her after he left.


As mentioned previously we used a lot of closed up shots to create the intimacy between the audience and character. Closed up shots also allow the character to do the story telling which creates more emphasis in emotions.

Closed up
Closed up
Closed up

Black Screen – Black screens were used to help me convey the passing of time as they acted as gaps between certain time periods. By using black screens with sound, it creates a moments of suspense for the audiences.



For this short photo-film, I am going to set it in a very melancholic and emotional style. Therefore, I decided to emulate the style of Spike Jonze in his film, Her (2013).

The film Her is a romantic movie that plays with memories and emotions. In the film, Spike Jonze uses a lot of closed up shots to express a sense of loneliness. Through the closed up shots, it allows us to feel really intimate to the character and allows us to feel what the character is going through. Besides, because most parts of the film is about the main character.


Mood music – As mentioned, I wanted to create an emotional and melancholic feel to the film. To create the mood, I used 2 different music pieces to help me. The first piece is played at the start and at the end. It is a neutral piece of music and helps me to connect time periods together. The second piece is more solemn and it is played when the girl received the letter before the boy left her. Although the both pieces are used for different occasions, n overall both pieces brings a very emotional and melancholic feel.

Sound effects – I tried to experiment with some non-diegetic sound effects to make it more creative in a sense. For instance the sound effect of wind chimes at 00:58 to create the feeling of peacefulness and pleasant memories, the sound effect of  increasing heartbeats at 02:01 to create the nervousness and anxiety of the Character when reading the letter and the sound effect of airplane flying across to further enforce the idea of the boy leaving and travelling overseas.

Voice Over/Narration – After editing everything, I discovered that the ending part to show what happened to the boy wasn’t made clear enough. Although there was a few shots of the letters, the idea was still not strong. Hence I decided to do a voice over, a narration of the letter. The narration of the letter is spans across the last part which provides a closure to the film. The narration begins at 03.32 of the film.

Silence Humans are not used to silence, silence can be used in an interesting way for instance to create certain tensions. In some of the scenes, I intentionally muted all the background sounds and only emphasized one sound to create the tension. For instance the scenes between 01:30 to 02:10, I did add in any environmental sound or any music. This is done so to create a tension and anticipation of the climax (Girl receiving the letters).


I was really excited to do this assignment because I get to experiment with a new way of making film. It was really rewarding for me personally as I love film as this assignment allows me to have a deeper understanding on how visual compositions and sounds can play such a huge emphasis on the whole story telling in a film. Most importantly I was really happy because this assignment was a good refresher for my video and sound editing skills as I get to practice them before it turns rusty.