Foundation 2D: Forrest Gump (Process)



Wash the frame clean
Coating of P5C blue emulsion on Frame
Failing the coating of P5C blue emulsion on tray
Placing frames on exposing unit

Washing of the blue emulsion to create the printing layer
Placing Ink on the top part of the frame
Preparing for the most important part (Printing)
Practice on paper

After practicing on papers, I decided to try it out on my tote bag to produce my final piece. My first attempt was a failure as I did not apply enough ink and did not apply the pressure evenly.

Failed Attempt on Tote Bag


One smooth swipe

After my first failed attempt, I learnt that in order for it to turn out successful, the amount of ink to be applied has to be estimated accurately and it had to be printed in one swipe/ stroke. Depending on the composition, more black areas means that we have to apply more black ink. Like for my composition, I had to apply a lot of black ink to it.

Finished tote bag
Final Piece