Foundation 3D (2D analysis)

Coconut Water is good for Health

One interesting 3D object I brought to share with the class was a Coconut Water bottle.

The first thing that caught my eyes was it unique shape, which is different than the typical packet drinks we find. Instead of being flat and rectangular, the edges are rounded thus making it different and provides a better grip.

Next is the colour of the bottle as it draws the most attention because of the bright colours on the bottle. The 2 main colours on the bottle are white and bright green. The colour Green is the colour of life, it brings out the idea of nature, energy and freshness. Hence it compliments to the benefits and properties of coconut water which is a source of hydration and provides essential nutrients. Besides, green also supports the idea of the product being all natural, Non-GMO. The white colour helps to reinforce the colour green making it more eye-catching.

The object is not entirely symmetrical. The object is symmetrical when viewed from the front and back but asymmetrical when viewed from certain angles from the side, top and bottom. It is asymmetrical from the top and the side because of the placement of the bottle cap which is placed closer to the front of the bottle. By placing the bottle cap slightly out of placed instead of the middle makes it even more 3 dimensionally appealing.

The proportion of the height of the bottle cap is approximately 1/7 to that of the bottle. In comparison with the size of bottle, the cap is relative small while the bottle is large. The pairing of contrasting volume of the cap and the bottle also makes the bottle looks more visually interesting. Besides, smaller cap also makes it easier for people to drink the coconut water.

That should be it, I hope!! 🙂 Drink more coconut water, its good for your health.