VC II – Deliverable 1

View my second deliverable here and my infographic here!

Hey Baby~ is an easy guide to Action Against Street Harassment and aims to inform children about what Street Harassment entail and how to act against it. The program is an interactive workshop that is to be conducted in Primary school classroom for children aged 11-12. At the end of the workshop, participants get to take home fridge magnets as educational reminders and keepsakes.

Here you can view high-quality PDFs of Hey Baby Presenter and iPad Program.

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VC II: Deliverable 2

View my first deliverable here and my infographic here!

For my second deliverable, I designed a set of fridge magnets for students to take home. These magnets are a good medium to bring the message home to the student’s parents. Magnets are always useful, especially so with Primary school-aged children who constantly bring home consent letters.

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Applied Illustration: Final

Illustrations for a Retrenchment Party!

The Retrenchment Party package includes all the items you need to lay off your employees and keep the energy high at the same time!

You can view my process here and here and view all the mockups in HD in this PDF!

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Applied Illustration: Process I

Illustrations for a  Retrenchment Party

A party to celebrate employee accomplishments in light of them getting retrenched. It’s really just to lighten the mood and make sure they all pack up their desks before they leave.

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