Polyhedron Dreams: Research


At the beginning of this assignment, I was a bit reluctant as I not confident in geometric abstraction, much less in 3D.

I did want to attempt the octahedron but after creating a very poor wire model of one, I realise I would not be able to produce a final outcome I would be happy with within the given time. So, I settled on the tetrahedron which still presented problems for me.

For the tetrahedron, I looked up nets of the polyhedron before realising it is actually a really simple shape.

One face of a Size 2 Tetrahedron

Moving on to the planar model, I struggled before I looked up some of the artist references provided. I was very inspired by Lygia Clark’s geometric sculptures and how some form tetrahedrons by isosceles triangles rather than equilateral ones.

Lygia Clark, Bicho - Caranguejo [Creature - Crab]
Bicho – Caranguejo [Creature – Crab]
Crab 1960

(I was unintentionally attracted to sculptures that were both meant to be crabs)

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