The Bio Radiator: Research


Thermoregulation in Animals

I wanted to stray away from mechanical cooling devices and explore what animals use/have to cool down. The diagram below interested me as within external, protruding elements of the animals, there is an ‘exchange’ of cool and warm blood in order to cool the animal down.

I was particularly amused by the Canada goose example and wanted to explore more of bird legs being thermoregulators.

Image result for animal thermoregulation

Similarly to the Canadian Goose, cranes and flamingo legs share this same heat regulating function. I was interested in the shape of the legs and the knobby knees and was reminded of beads on a string.

Double Trouble (4919788838).jpgImage result for flamingo

For more inspiration, I researched into more cultural elements. I decided I wanted to create a headpiece, as 50% of your body heat is lost through your head, and looked for Japanese and Thai traditional pieces as Emiko is a Japanese made android in Bangkok, Thailand. These head pieces both have dangling elements that, to me, resembled the knobby legs of a waterbird.

Additionally, I came across a Tibetan headpiece that is heavily decorated with draping beads and other wooden elements that I found inspirational.$_3.JPG?set_id=2

I also took to pinterest to look for inspiration in making a head piece and was inspired by a ‘netting over the face’ garment. It looks so odd and inconvenient and yet futuristic at the same time. I liked the idea of a veil/mask because of its perceived impracticality and I wanted to challenge that and make it into a garment that functions as a bio radiator for Emiko.

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