Hear: 3D Sound


  • Listen with good earbuds/headphones
  • Close your eyes for the whole experience
  • Lie flat on your back (if you can) or rest your neck back

Listen here: 3D Sound

Length: 1:09

Concept: The Concussion Experience

  • to mimic the sonic experience of concussive head trauma caused by sports
  • personally: watery, muffled, ringing, veiled

When challenged with the task of a non-visual project, I reflected on experiences that are minimally visual.

In February last year (2020), I slammed my head into the field while trying to save a ball in a football game. I don’t remember much of what happened before and after I hit my head, but I do recall going through the concussion protocol.

‘What’s your name, where are you now’, Who, What, Where, Why, How questions were asked to determine my cognitive orientation. A torch shone into my eyes to check for reactionary pupil contraction. These questions were those that I could answer on auto-pilot and realistically should not have been the determiners of my brain health. I finished the game not being mentally cognizant and played the next game 2 days later completely out of it.

Goal or intended outcome?

  • If possible, cause lingering disorientation when the experience is “done”
  • A guide that might help with the self-identification of a concussion
  • Mimic the feeling of knowing the answers to questions but being unable to answer




1. Lunch bowl

  • metal and circular
  • vacuum lid
  • high tinny sound
  • very close to the ears and the top of the head

Raw audio:

2. Bin of water

  • square plastic bin
  • tall but not wide
  • water has high trebles in shallow water
  • square shape disrupts smooth water flow

Raw audio:


  • Adobe Audition
  • Reducing treble
  • Amplifying bass
  • Pushing distance in equaliser
  • Adding whistle and ringing

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