Chromatic Fantasy – Ominous Nature

Ominous Nature
To gain awareness of the immense power and scale that nature possesses is to realise the microscopic existence that one is living. There is an innate fear of being meaningless and inconsequential, and there is also a certain release in accepting it. Ominous Nature explores this through representations of microscopic growth and organisms, accompanied by manipulated harmonics of the wind.

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Distant Body – Low Fidelity Prototype (Mist)

Cold mist on cold glass =/= condensation

Realistically, the glass pane mists up when hot steam condenses on its surface. But is this a realistic project to continue pursuing? Probably not. Perhaps in a controlled room/space/box where the glass is always chilled and the steam is constantly billowing. However, this module is called Interactive Devices, and this requires a device rather than a space.