DOW – IoT: SmartMat (Intelligent Yoga Mat)

The SmartMat is a technologically responsive yoga mat that is able to detect the alignment of one’s yoga pose in real-time and sends this data to a phone application.

The first time a SmartMat is used, it walks the user through a calibration process to personalise feedback in terms of physical shape/size or limitations.

This data is then parsed and corrective or supportive feedback is conveyed to the user via a generated-voice message from the app, which also doubles up as the digital yoga instructor. The SmartMat is paired with an app that also loads guided yoga sessions.



  • Look and feel indiscriminate from standard yoga mat
  • Technology is mostly hidden and discrete
  • Connected to tablet/phone via Bluetooth: does not require internet connection –> outdoor/portable/easy to set up like regular yoga mat
  • Alignment is determined by x,y position, and angle of rotation
  • Function as a yoga mat is not depleted in order to incorporate tech
  • Tech allows for personalised and remote experience


  • Only detects 2 hands and 2 feet placement – poses that are for body?
  • No pressure sensitivity, how to determine an imbalance?

Family Portrait (Dark Object)


In collaboration with Shariffah.

The Family Portrait aims to create an immersive experience to empathise with individuals who have lost their loved ones. By creating an intimate Dark Object we wanted to differ from conventional design’s focus on consumerism and capitalism. Rather, we aimed to tap on the multi-faceted feeling of loneliness and abandonment through a narrative and physical interaction.

This particular Family Portrait focuses on an old man’s memory of losing his family in a tragic car crash on his birthday.

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