DOW – IoT: SmartMat (Intelligent Yoga Mat)

The SmartMat is a technologically responsive yoga mat that is able to detect the alignment of one’s yoga pose in real-time and sends this data to a phone application.

The first time a SmartMat is used, it walks the user through a calibration process to personalise feedback in terms of physical shape/size or limitations.

This data is then parsed and corrective or supportive feedback is conveyed to the user via a generated-voice message from the app, which also doubles up as the digital yoga instructor. The SmartMat is paired with an app that also loads guided yoga sessions.



  • Look and feel indiscriminate from standard yoga mat
  • Technology is mostly hidden and discrete
  • Connected to tablet/phone via Bluetooth: does not require internet connection –> outdoor/portable/easy to set up like regular yoga mat
  • Alignment is determined by x,y position, and angle of rotation
  • Function as a yoga mat is not depleted in order to incorporate tech
  • Tech allows for personalised and remote experience


  • Only detects 2 hands and 2 feet placement – poses that are for body?
  • No pressure sensitivity, how to determine an imbalance?

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