Polyhedron Dreams: Final


I was quite satisfied with how my final outcome turned out considering my lack of confidence that I started with. I really enjoyed how most of the lines (and the lines the edges of the planes created) created visual harmony in that they guide the eye in circles around the sculpture.

I also was pleased with the shadows created by the many angles of the planes because I felt I made the right decision avoiding a ‘cross’ base planar model; where most of the planes would be perpendicular to the flat surface the model would be resting on.

Finally, sculpture ended up looking like something out of a Kandinsky painting – maybe due to the composition of shapes and lines. I found this surprising because I always struggled in writing and analysing his works but I can credit him in the way his compositions achieve a visual harmony and possibly symphony in the way the shapes and lines interact with each other.

All in all, I am pleased with the final result and feel like I now have a better grasp of what makes a sculpture interesting, of how angles and lighting can transform a sculpture, and how important it is to create multiple prototypes and research before I attempt to execute.

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  1. – The final combination model was a delightful composition of geometric elements. The expression of the circles moving/growing out was playful, the triangles appeared to dance. The lines/wires were thoughtfully used in the overall composition.

    – On the whole, a very good effort with the use of geometric shapes to articulate movement.

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