Multimodal – Update

Finished Checkpoints:

  • Insertion of latitude and longitude from ZigSim to Processing for GPS
  • Retrieval of UV Index value from Weather API
  • Sending UVI value to Arduino to adjust Tightness Level
  • First test of Tightening mechanism with 16 levels of Tightness

To be completed:

  1. Extension of servo arm
  2. Construction of belt for Tightening loop
  3. Mount device on to hat

To explore:


Update: 11am, 29 Sept 2020

  • Using year(), month(), day(), hour(), min(), second()
    • Updated every hour between 7 AM and 7 PM everyday
    • The UV index value is averaged over the preceding hour
    • Parameters: YYYY-MM-DD, HH:mm:ss


Post-consult: 1.45pm, 29 Sept 2020

  • consider 4-5 levels of “tightness” rather than 0-16 for more dramatic changes
  • consider aligning with UV index levels of warning
  • a strap around the neck or wrist rather than skull for better sensing
  • piezo buzzer vibrator as extra feedback
  • pulsing feedback


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