Chromatic Fantasy – Ominous Nature

Ominous Nature
To gain awareness of the immense power and scale that nature possesses is to realise the microscopic existence that one is living. There is an innate fear of being meaningless and inconsequential, and there is also a certain release in accepting it. Ominous Nature explores this through representations of microscopic growth and organisms, accompanied by manipulated harmonics of the wind.

All shapes in Ominous Nature were made to be organic and flowing, with emphasis on growth, consumption, and instability. Emulating the visual flattening of an electron microscopic video of a slide, elements at the foreground appear to be two dimensional and sliding across the flat surface of the screen. Assets also carry over to the next scene as enlarged backgrounds to suggest a deeper biological exploration. The same lighting effects of CC Glass and bright highlights were added across the entire composition for cohesion and harmony.


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