Photo Series Assignment: Research


See the final outcome here!

I decided to tap on my interest in ‘mirror selfies’ for this project as I find them humorous and very telling of the personality of the selfie-taker.

Despite the main focus being the selfie-taker and their lavish homes/bathrooms, I like to snoop around and peek at the objects in the background that were not meant to be captured. For example, Paris Hilton’s toilet paper – I think she uses a lot of toilet paper and it unintentionally humanises her.

From this idea, I went around taking mirror selfies to explore what I really found interesting about them.

Location: Toilets outside NTU Canteen 2
Standing between the two mirrors and taking a picture resulting in an interesting ‘phantom’ photo.
The full-length mirror mounted on my closet door in my hall.
Taken with my toilet mirror (en-suite shared by two rooms; four people)
I found that the above image was missing the ‘accidental’ clutter that I love about mirror selfies. Thus, I took steps away from the mirror in order to capture the mess that characterises the bathroom.








A photo taken from further away to capture more items and have a frame of yellow tile.











A test for the phantom photo idea that I had.


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