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Creating a User Persona for Varoom Magazine:

To be honest, I only realised what an important step this was after  I created the “Anti-user”. Initially, when looking over the themes of ‘fantasy’, ‘activism’ and ‘play’, I got really fixated in illustrating ‘play’ in the form of playing sports and athleticism because I love sports! Sports are so fun! But maybe not to readers of Varoom…


Some quotes:

    •  Association of Illustrators bi-annual magazine
    • interviews, commentary and recommendations
    • “hub of discussion for the illustration community”
    • “a live reflection of zeitgeist in illustration”
    • “the perfect illustration lover gift”
    • industry insight and critical analysis
    • “the essential illustration magazine for creators, commissioners and lovers of great image-making”

From these quotes, I created the ideal user persona of Varoom’s probable target audience. Meet LUCY (Actual illustrator Lucy Kinsley, love her.)

At first as a joke, I wanted to create the Anti-user- this actually turned out to be very insightful as to what I should not be illustrating for Varoom. Meet Linus, definitely not the target user of Varoom.

Varoom Magazine

Sampler: Varoom #36

3 Editorial Illustrators

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🏀💦 Hello again! 🙋🏼‍♀️ It's been real quiet over here, that's because I just wooorked the whole January. There are some really amazing projects in the pipeline but I'm also happy to have reduced the workload a bit. I drew this basketball player in between, coincidentally I started short before the tragic accident of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna happened. I wanted to finish the piece anyway. Let's see it as a tribute to basketball and especially to female basketball players taking their place on the court. 🏀🖤 Rest in peace, Kobe and Gianna. #basketballgirls #basketballplayer #basketballlovers #basketballwomen #womenbasketball #onthecourt #womeninsports #illustrationartist #womenofillustration #picame #editorialillustration #illustrateyourworld #illustrationdaily #characterillustration #digitaldrawing #adobeillustrator

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Editorial cover illustration for GQ Germany.

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Warm-up exercises for Week 3-5

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