Speculative/Provotype – Yogap

A speculative sketch and proposed prototype to improve and expand the Internet of Things device: the SmartMat. This speculative sketch also includes ideas and concepts from my other DoW reflections: Philips Biosensor and TIMMi.

The cons I recognised from my reflection of the SmartMat:

  • Only detects 2 hands and 2 feet placement – poses that are for body?
  • No pressure sensitivity, how to determine an imbalance?

So my initial idea was to add higher sensitivity for the pressure mat and pair that with wearable gyroscopic sensors to sense poses off the mat. This came about as sweatbands. However, this seemed like more a hassle than a benefit.

This want to eliminated discomfort during yoga resulted in the speculation of the YOGAP or yoga motion capture kit.

Other initial ideas included video capture/kinect.


Capturing and making animation with MOCAP data. | Download Scientific  Diagram

Inspired by motion capture suits, the YOGAP uses sensors placed at significant points of the body to receive continuous and realtime data of the users pose/position. This data is a better hint to the pose the user is executing than four points of contact on a mat.


Interaction and application:

The sensors can be worn in two options and ultimate serve as IoT devices as they are wirelessly connected to another device by bluetooth. This allows seamless and unobstructed movements that are crucial to enjoying a good yoga session.

(wearable sensor inspired by Phillips biosensor)


Multi-modality achieved by various and subtle feedback so as to not disrupt a relaxing session.

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