SpitScreen – Mid to High Fidelity Prototype

The main objective of the Mid to High fidelity prototype was building a proper casing for the squeeze bottle and squeezing mechanism and training the Wekinator for detecting sneezes.


  • Need to chamfer top edges to accommodate wires of squeezer
  • This was my first laser cutting/finger joint project ever so it was pretty fun to do
  • Making a cardboard draft helped with the odd shape needed to hug the servos to the bottle
Laser cutting template
Wrongly cut parts


I wanted to test if I could run both bottles on one breadboard versus each their own. Even though all breadboard schematics suggest that there should not be any interference, I found that there was a slight skip and delay. Two breadboards for two Arduinos it is.


Adding the wires and testing movement. Chamfered edge of box no longer obstructs pulling movement. Bottles squeeze fully with no issues.

As I wanted to mimic a video call set up, I concluded that actually just using Zoom to project videos was best. Each iMac is set up with an extra webcam (one for FaceOSC, one for Zoom). Above is a video of me being recorded by FaceOSC on both computers, and demonstrating how covering one side triggers the opposite squeezer.

Machine learning/Training

From here until the final presentation video, I will be training the wekinator gestures with more sneezes from different people. It seems like the people I have got so far lean towards actually mouthing out “ACHOO!” rather than mimicking a sneeze. This is good info to note as that is likely the actions potential users will take when interacting with the SpitScreen.


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