VC II – Deliverable 1

View my second deliverable here and my infographic here!

Hey Baby~ is an easy guide to Action Against Street Harassment and aims to inform children about what Street Harassment entail and how to act against it. The program is an interactive workshop that is to be conducted in Primary school classroom for children aged 11-12. At the end of the workshop, participants get to take home fridge magnets as educational reminders and keepsakes.

Here you can view high-quality PDFs of Hey Baby Presenter and iPad Program.

The interactive aspect of the workshop grasps the attention of the students and allows them to participate meaningfully, rather than sit passively in a lecture. The graphics used are simple, cute and iconic so that they are easy to remember and accompany the otherwise, heavy information.

Stills from the Presenter Program:

Stills from the small group iPads:

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