VC II: Deliverable 2

View my first deliverable here and my infographic here!

For my second deliverable, I designed a set of fridge magnets for students to take home. These magnets are a good medium to bring the message home to the student’s parents. Magnets are always useful, especially so with Primary school-aged children who constantly bring home consent letters.

I adapted the React Rabbit from the Hey Baby interactive workshop as an icon for Action Against Street Harassment. “ARR” refers to the action protocol that was drilled during the workshop and it stands for Assess, React and Report.

These magnets use the same icons and wording as the workshop to serve as a quick reminder of the key points that were covered. This is to ensure that this action protocol is remembered. Additionally, when the student’s parents view the magnets or even use them to mount bills or forms, they can ask their children what “ARR” is about. This conversation is important as it informs parents about Street Harassment and what laws protect their children from it.

I wanted the magnets to be the flexible and thin type or “ultra-thin magnets” as they not only provide strong magnetic attraction, but also a sleek finish. They are also less likely to fall off the fridge – thus providing these reminders with staying power. The magnet dimensions are 100x80mm which is big enough to catch the eye and big enough to act as a useful fridge magnet.

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