Another Scale of Architecture – Junya Ishigami

Artificial versus natural. Shelter against versus shelter within the natural environment. Giant in the manufacturing world versus tiny amidst the vast nature.

Ishigami is clearly aiming to rethink the definition of architecture through the consideration of scale. As an anthill may be small in the face of mankind, our grandest of buildings are still incomparable to the great structures and seas that nature offers. On another note, Ishigami mentions the ambiguity of what is manmade and natural. One of the things mentioned during our consultation was closely related to what Ishigami could perhaps be aiming to iterate: if we, as humans, are a part of nature then could it be seen that what we make is also part of nature?

As he mentions that architecture was traditionally correlated to shelter, yet also highlights the emerging ambiguity of interactions and relationships in this world, as he brings to light his concern with scale, he enables us to question the original function of certain objects or designs, yet also question the possibilities of these objects once we start blurring the limitations that the object initially had.

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